NUFORC Sighting 29341

Occurred: 1977-06-10 20:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2003-06-22 14:30 Pacific
Duration: 30 Minutes
No of observers: 4

Location: Stockton, CA, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted beams

I saw a saucer shaped craft that defied aerodynamiccs as we know it.

My wife,daughter,niece and myself were at the twin drive in theaters in Stockton, 1977 to see the remake of the movie "King Kong".I had seen the original made in the 30's and was looking forward to seeing this one with all its special effects.The screen we would see the movie on was facing west.Dusk approached and the theater started its advertising.Get your fresh popcorn,drinks,etc..At that time I was working at the Stockton Airport,employed by San Joaquin County.As a kid I had always loved airplanes and it was a treat to work at a place where you could talk to pilots and people interested in aviation.Some people never look up at the sky but for some reason if I'm outdoors I'm always scanning.I saw a craft coming from the west heading southeast.At first I thought it was just a small airplane.I noticed some lights but they were not compatible with any aircraft I had seen.My interest turned from the movie I really wanted to see to something in the sky.At some point I mentioned it to my wife,daughter,and niece.They were somewhat absorbed in the movie which is logical.We didn't come there to watch the night sky.I became totally involved watching this craft which skirted the drive in and seemed to be heading over downtown Stockton,Ca.I remember saying "I bet the guys in the tower (Airport) are looking at this thing".They didn't have radar back then but it wasn't a busy airport.They had lots of time to observe visually and check out things with binoculars.I kept watching from my car while the movie proceeded.This craft after awhile seemed to be coming back our way.I got out of the car when I realized it was coming directly over us.I was scared because at some point during this event I knew what I was seeing was something I had not seen before.A totally silent craft,extremely slow moving,with confusing lights.I watched it come directly over us,maybe 200 feet or less.This was not some streak of light or a blur you might have problems seeing.It passed right over our heads.A saucer shaped craft.Maybe 50 feet in diameter.It seemed to consist of two sections or if not rotating lights that flashed at it revolved gave that impression.They were bright white that went alternately off and on as the craft revolved.I just stood there in awe as it passed silently overhead.My wife and the kids witnessed it also...I thought the next day the local paper would have some unusual headlines.Not a word.Not a word from any news source.No one at the airport tower mentioned it.No on at the drive in got out of their car as I did...What did we see? A US top secret aircraft flying over downtown Stockton.This was not the Nevada desert.Whoever controlled this craft cared not who saw it...Which brings up the most perplexing question to me.Did anyone else see it at all? And how could they not?..I am 60 yearw old now.I have a family and grandkids.I am retired from the Army National Guard.My word is my bond.I would neve lie about anything like this nor would my family.I have no reason to.I have told this stories to numerous friends.My real fiends believe me.Others scoff and roll their eyes.My nature is not to jump on any bandwagon.I am very skeptical about any eye witness report.Ten people can describe an object ten different ways.Nuts and kooks abound.I saw what I saw.My family saw it.It proves nothing.That is my story.


Date is approximate. PD

Posted 2003-07-16

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