NUFORC UFO Sighting 29317

Occurred: 1996-07-15 22:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2003-06-20 15:53 Pacific
Duration: 20secs.x3times
No of observers: 0

Location: Camden, NJ, USA

Shape: Circle

3 sets of 4 orange circles or discs traversing the sky from west to east

Myself and my wife were attending a Sting concert at the now called Tweeter Center in Camden,N.J.It was a beautiful evening,we were on the lawn under the cloudless sky.During the concert Sting sang a line from a song which said,"look up to the sky".At that time I did and to my amazement 4 orange circles were traveling across the sky from west to east.I told my wife to look and then we noticed others were looking also.I said to my wife,that was strange.I know what aircraft look like and these were not convential because they had no blinking lights on them.They just glowed orange.If I held my hand up,they were the size of a dime.So we put our attention back to the concert but I kept an eye to the sky.Well 2 more times we either saw the same four or an additional eight.They were definately flying together,side by side but not in a straight row.The next day I looked in the paper the next day and there was nothing in it about any sightings.Since that sighting I have read many ufo sighting reports of glowing orange circles or discs in other parts of the world.I always wanted to report this sighting and now I did.I wonder if anyone else that night reported anything.


Date is approximate. I don't think the possibility can be ruled out that the organizers of the concert might have arranged some type of light show to correspond with the lyrics of the songs sung, but that is only pure conjecture. PD

Posted 2003-07-16

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