Occurred: 1989-07-10 23:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2003-06-17 11:46 Pacific
Duration: 15 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Mansfield, OH, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object

Ball of light enters van twice and dissolves through door and occupants experience missing time.

My name is ((name deleted)). I am a retired police ((deleted--senior officer)), 4--- years old. I have some info about an experience with a spherical light probe that entered my van some years ago. I am not some nut or some glory hound, I am a level headed person that had an unexplainable experience. I had taken my ex-wife ((wife's name deleted)) with me to a training class held by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) held in London, Ohio. I recall it was a one day session. My certificate for 1989 show 2 dates of one day long training, May 30 & July 10, 1989. I don't know which date this occurred on.I was driving on US Rt. 30 between Mansfield, Ohio and Wooster, Ohio. Actually I was closer to Mansfield. It was at night time, late between 11pm and midnight. My wife asked me the time, I looked at the clock and told her. Immediately there was a blinding flash of light. The bright flash occurred in the sky. The light was a very bright lightning flash. It filled my whole field of vision, filled the whole windshield of my Ford Econoline van. My wife screamed and I looked at her. This is when I saw "it." The "it" was a white-bluish bright ball of light that appeared to be floating in midair in my van. The ball of light was floating right in front of the abdomen, over the lap of my then wife (-now ex-wife). As she screamed the ball of light became more agitated. It clearly was reacting to her screams. It rapidly moved back and forth as it floated in front of her. It then moved to her right and vanished THROUGH the door panel of the van. It actually went through the door panel. The window was up and there was no sound. Within in a second or two the ball appeared back in the same location in front of her. I didn't see how or from where it appeared. It did exhibit the same properties and behavior as the first light ball, with one exception. I got a long and hard look at the ball. I stared at it and watched it. It appeared to be a ball of whitish-blue light (similar to the light of an arc welder). The ball was about the s! ize of a grapefruit with about 6 smaller light balls circling its equator. This ball of light moved back and forth in sync with ((wife's)) screams. It was then observed to float through the door panel, as before.

What is interesting is that from the time this experienced occurred until it ended, I figure 30 seconds had went by. In reality, when I looked at the dash clock 15 - 30 minutes had gone by!! I had never stopped driving the van. I never pulled over to the side of Rt. 30 or stopped. I have no memory of what I was doing during the experience. All I know is that I kept driving but I was looking at, staring at, studying the light balls. How this occurred, I have no idea.

((Wife)) did sketch the lights when we got back to Canton. We had divorced in 1988 but were friendly. So usingou dvorce and my training certificates, I have narrowed the occurance to two dates. I have not seen my ex-wife for over 10 years and I don't know what she did with the sketch.

I am a trained observer, 2- ((twenty +)) yr police ((senior officer)) and I know what occurred. I just can't account for the missing time and how I kept driving.

Thanks for listening ((name deleted))


We have corresponded with this witness, and our impression is that he is extremely credible. We have requested that he attempt to locate his ex-wife and have her submit a report, as well. Date of incident is approximate. PD

Posted 2003-06-18

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