NUFORC UFO Sighting 29192

Occurred: 1993-07-01 01:30 Local
Reported: 2003-06-14 11:34 Pacific
Duration: 40min.
No of observers: 1

Location: Hughson, CA, USA

Shape: Rectangle
Characteristics: Emitted beams

I was irrigating forty acres,it was a clear non windy night in July in 93,I was up at the house waiting to turn in the the water into the east end of the grapes,I had about an hour to wait when I looked to the west and saw beams of light fanning over the almond orchard,I didnot think much at first until the lights started fanning over the grapes comeing from about two feet over the trees panning down to about two feet over the vines.At this time I said to my self this must be a sheriff helicopter so I walked around the side of the barn to see where the source was comeing from.From the side of the barn,out of blackness,approximately 200 feet above the ground came the orange beams of light,I couldnot see anything emanating the lights.At this time the beams were about one third the way across the west end of the nad now I knew that this wasn't normal.I watched the beams comeing at me at about one to two mph.for about one min.when I started to get scared so I went back to the gameroom and looked out the window.After observeding for about two min.I went back around the two the same side of the barn with the same results.So I went back to gameroom and looked out on the event.At this time the five beams were about two thirds across the west twenty and I could see that these were no ordinary beams of lights,for one they were bright orange,two they didnot fan out,they were almost laser like,three,no point of origin.At this time I was scared but entranced so I called my friend to relate what was going on and to go out into his yard to see if he could possibly see anything at his location in Modesto,he said no,I said I would call him back because the first beam was entering the yard,I went and stood at the west side of the barn to see once again if I could see any point of origin just as the first beam struck the barn,to my surprise the beam went threw the wood of the barn(which is solid wood sideing)and the my house to illuminate the neighbors house 100 yards away!I said at this point,good,now the! neighbors will get up and witness these things,but they didn't.I went back inside the game room to watch,then I said to my self,this will never happen again,get out there so I called my friend back and went outside to describe what was happening.As the first beam came out of the barn I observed that the beam was perfectly cylindric,about five feet in Diameter,bright orange and as it passed over my head it looked as small peaces of paper floating around inside.This was the first of five and I had to go check the levies and this going on.Well haveing no choices I went out to the canal to the east(the same way they were comeing in the barn!) As I drove up on to the canal I looked to the west I could see that the beams were still moveing east at me.The major surprize was to come,as I looked down the canal to the north-west a huge black object,about the size of two football fields moving east also.No lights,no noise.At this point I went back to the road because I was not going under this thing.It was about 1000 yards away from me at the road as it passed in front of me the beams fanned out about 500 feet in front and rear of the object,so as I watched the object the first beams were comeing over my head.I waited until this thing went down the road before I went into the field,and let me tell you I DIDNOT WANT TO GO!Anyway these lights reappeared three months later,no "ship" just lights over my back yard in Delhi Ca.and they were up much higher,about 2000 feet but cars on hiway 99 were stopping on the side to look at them.At this time there was ten spikes of light.I see these things about three times a year and it's only one at a time,I wish to know of anyone else has seen things,I wish I had called the police on the first time and had a witness to my story.I tried to write Siteing show but no response. This is the first time I ever reported this to a program such as yours.Thank-you.---((initial deleted))


We have requested that the witness have the neighbor whom he called also submit a report. PD

Posted 2003-06-18

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