Occurred: 2003-06-08 14:35 Local
Reported: 2003-06-09 11:22 Pacific
Duration: 1 minute
No of observers: 1

Location: Denver, CO, USA

Shape: Diamond

flattened black diamond cruises over Denver in bright blue sky

I was sunbathing in Cheesman Park in Central Denver (zip code noted is best guess)and decided to skywatch. Because there was a bright blue sky with the sun almost directly overhead, I was lying on my back with my arms stretched out in front of me to block out the sun. In this way, I could see all the insects and drifting cotton from the cottonwood trees darting around at different levels. I watched them for awhile, thinking about how "rods" are photographed using a similar sun-block technique, and wondering how the closer, faster insects would appear on film, and if they were at times mistaken for UFOs/rods. Above all of this activity, I noted very high in the sky a solid, steadily-moving object flying over from the SW to the NE, directly over me as I was lying in the same direction with my head to the NE. The object would have been next to impossible to see in the bright sky without looking at it directly. It was a smallish, dark-grey or black flattened diamond, appearing to be about as high as a jet might fly at cruising altitude, its speed perhaps a bit faster and its size a bit larger than a jet would appear at the earlier-stated altitude. What I found odd was the shape, of course, but also that the length of the flattened diamond was perpendicular to its path! Also, while periodically there were other planes in the sky, it was completely quiet and peaceful in the park, with no aircraft sounds audible, when this object flew over. The object never changed shape, nor speed, nor colour. I had to strain my eyes to watch it while it gradually faded as I looked further back, my eyes watching for as long as possible. I was afraid if I tried to sit up and watch it as it continued off to the NE I would lose sight of it. I regretted that I didn't have my binoculars, which I generally carry with me, so that I could have examined the craft more closely.


We express our gratitude to this MUFON member for submitting the report. PD

Posted 2003-06-10

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