NUFORC Sighting 28770

Occurred: 1977-11-08 14:00 Local
Reported: 2003-05-14 01:00 Pacific
Duration: 5-7 mins
No of observers: 1

Location: Weimar, CA, USA

Shape: Other

i was 23 years old and had just given birth to my first child two days previous. my daughter was just hours old and i was marvelling at this fact that she was 48 hours prior, inside of me, looking just like she was, as she lay asleep in her crib. i was standing, alone, in front of her crib, where she laid, absorbing the miracle of life that i felt towards her. i was in complete awe of seeing her and what i had gone through the past few days when suddenly sadness came over me as i realized that no family members of mine were there at this moment to witness what i was witnessing. to me it was very sad that there were no grandparents or aunts or uncles there seeing her as i did, and it was a shame that this wonderful moment was being felt and witnessed by only myself. i was staring at my brand new little girl, thinking these thoughts, when i felt someone staring at me, to the immediate right of me, close by. i turned my head to the right and looked, and there, about five feet away from me was this beautiful, awesome looking woman. i was very shocked for i did not know this person and the only other person in the house was my boyfriend, who was in the kitchen. fear entered my being for just a second because i did not know this woman, she came out of nowhere and she was very near to my baby and myself. as soon as i saw her, our eyes locked and i just couldn't believe what i was seeing. she smiled at me with a most beautiful, warm loving smile. she was the most beautiful, and i instantly realized she was a being, not human, being i have ever seen. it was though she was totally perfected, she had a beauty unknown to this world. she was about 5'9'' tall, slender, and she had beautiful flowing, long, with a slight curl, hair, split down the middle. she was wearing a long, long sleeved white dress. i stared at her intently, and while she was smiling gently at me, this very, very intense love flowed out of her eyes, directed at me, it was so powerful and intense that tears rolled down my! face, for i had never seen anyone so perfected, so beautiful, and i had never felt so much powerful love ever before, or since. the love flowing out of her eyes onto and into me lasted a good 30-45 seconds. i decided that i wanted to record in my mind every detail i could about her, for i knew this was a supernatural experience. i studied her intently for a few minutes. i must have blinked because, instantly she was now about four feet further away, in the doorway of the bathroom. i continued to study her and it dawned on me that i wanted my boyfriend to see her. i looked at the doorway, going into the living room and called his name. as i saw him enter the doorway, i said to him "look" and i looked back to the bathroom doorway and she was gone. i remember trying to record how old she probably was. first i thought, late 20's, early 30's, but as i stared at her it dawned on me that really she seemed timeless. she had an opaqueness to her, not a solid body like ours. yet she looked very human. she was definately a perfected being, the way that she looked was perfected and the love she poured out was perfect love. i will never, ever forget seeing and experiencing her. about six years later, i had another supernatural experience, very different than this one. also extrordinary.

Posted 2003-05-27

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