Occurred: 1974-06-15 22:30:00 Local
Location: Calera (outskirts of), AL, USA
Shape: Disk
Duration: 10-15 minutes
No of observers: 6
Reported: 2003-03-16 13:04:25 Pacific
Posted: 2003-03-21 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object

Group of youth on hike see the"un-explained."

Group of youth(male) were hiking at approximate time indicated.I here-by have only mentioned this to a couple of friends whom I trust with such credible info.I am an licensed pilot(but not back then since I was 14.)To this day I,as an person with such knowledge of air-craft of many types know that all air-craft DO NOT have lights other than red,green,or white.Any deviation from this color would possibly warrant an investigation by the authorities.The lenght of said "hike" was of between 3/4 and a mile going to the destination,and back,thus causing a "hike" of travel about 2 miles.The"leader"and others at first felt what we all interpreted "warm" and "cool" changes in the temperature.The said night was clear and the moon was not out.Ironically one of the group members made the statement along the lines of wondering if "some-thing" was out there,refering to the sky,I personally told him,not to think like that because no one would be able to explain the unknown.In about 2-3 minutes some-one (M.L.) just shouted hey look at that,all of us at the same time turned around to see what appeared to be a circle or oval with lights sequenced around the perimeter of the craft,stationary at what I believe to be between 1000 to 1500 feet above the ground and two to three miles away,no other explaination has been given to satisfy my curiosity and wonderment.No sound was even heard from the craft nor were there any types of protrusions(landing gear if you will) or windows could be seen.We then headed back to camp an told the leader of this event,later I asked a friend of mine to verify this info.,no explaination was given,nor can it be now.


Dear Mr. Davenport,

I apologize for the "error." I was with the boy scouts then troop, ((troop number deleted)), back in the said years for '73 and '74. I researched to the best of my ability the year of my "visit" and have concluded that it was 1974. This also was the year I was in seventh grade elementary school. I also saw only one "en-counter". I truly hope to see more,the reason is the Creator can certainly Create more than just man. Just look in the heavens and any-one with an open mind would be able to see this.I wish you luck on your"NUFORC's" endeavors and also would be interested in becoming an investigator,if possible. I have a very "keen or sharp" mind and also a more personal obligation to my-self,and fellow-man. Thank-you for your time, ((name deleted))



Date in June 1974 is approximate. PD

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