NUFORC Sighting 2815

Occurred: 1997-09-15 18:00 Local
Reported: 1997-11-01 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 3-5 min
No of observers: 1

Location: Farrell, PA, USA

Shape: Disk

Summary : Low-flying, object prior to west to east moving severe storm on PA/OH border.

I was returning home from work on a Friday afternoon. A major thunder storm was approaching from the west. Hozel road heads north from Swamp Road. It then takes a 90 degree turn west for about 800 yards before intersecting Radio Road, which runs north. About 300 yards prior to the intersection, I observed an object about 700-800 yards distant at tree-top level. I took no immediate notice because there is a large blue-green water tower located in the general direction. This tower, however, is only visible from Radio Road about 200 yards north of the mentioned intersection. When I took deliberate notice, I observed a disk-shaped object with a small cylindrical superstructure centered on the upper half of the disk. This structure's top came to a point. The object was silver in color but didn't shine; like lead. I saw no movement or heard no noise. I glanced at the road then back at the tree-tops and the craft was gone. This had taken seconds so I was not sure what had just happened (or if it happened.) As I turned north on Radio Road, I glanced to my left, over a farmer's field and again saw the object, this time almost totally below the tree-tops and on a sharp (45 degree+) angle (north side lower than south side of craft.) This was at about 300 yards. From this point I could also see the water tower. It was clear they were not the same object. The flying object did, however, closely resemble the top of the water tower in shape (definetly not in color or direction.) I turned my attention back to the road and once again, the object was gone. Several months later, I was relating this story to my Brother-in-law and his girlfriend. The girl got a little upset. Talking to her, I found that her bedroom window looked out over this same field from it's northern edge. She said she had occasion to witness bright lights coming from the field at night, more than once.

Posted 1998-06-02

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