NUFORC UFO Sighting 27484

Occurred: 2003-02-02 20:08 Local
Reported: 2003-02-02 18:51 Pacific
Duration: 4-5 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Auburn, AL, USA

Shape: Egg

large elongated oval of light which appeared moon-like. It did not light sky adjacent to it. Roughly the size of 3 moons side-by-side

I have a B.S. in ((deleted)), a ((deleted--graduate/professional degree in social science)). I am a ((deleted--40+)) year old female with a husband and ((deleted--several)) children. I am presently ((deleted)) education and have been a ((deleted--professional)) as well.

Today, 2-2-03, at 8:05 pm,I was out with my dog in our yard. I was looking at the NE sky in relation to my home. An object appeared suddenly in the sky as if a huge but self-contained light had been switched on. It was totally illuminated like the moon without lighting the sky around it. No halo or beams, just white moon-like light. The object was roughly the length of 3 moons, but stretched into a long sideways oval or egg shape. I observed it,trying to figure out what it was, for about 3-5 seconds. It traveled in a south to north direction rapidly but seamlessly in a smooth glide and then completely disappeared as if a light had been extinguished.

There is nothing in my experience to compare this with visually. The only other event I have witnessed was a bright illumination late at night which went from one end of the yard on with a ruler-sharp edge. The lighted section was like daylight -the dark was like night. This event was also capured by a bank camera operating at night and was on the news the next day (which validated what I saw). I only hope someone out there witnessed the whatever-it-was tonight and will let me know.

Posted 2003-03-21

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