NUFORC UFO Sighting 27367

Occurred: 1990-10-20 22:50 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2003-01-29 21:05 Pacific
Duration: 5 minutes+
No of observers: 5

Location: Glencoe, OK, USA

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted beams, Aircraft nearby

It wasn't helicoptor and it dang sure wasn't swamp gas!

I have been very hesitant to ever talk about this incident over the years because this incident was disturbing and the few I have trusted to share this with have thought it to be ammusing. We also have had the thought that maybe we saw something that we shouldn't have. On this evening My wife, mother-in-law,myself, and our two sons went out for a drive, not really going anywhere we found ourselves just north of Pawnee Ok. I noticed some lights coming from the west side of the road and slowed the car to take a closer look at what I thought was spot lights from a low flying helicopter. Which in its self was a strange sight for us to see, at first there were two spot lights shining on the pasture as if looking for something. So I stopped to watch for a moment, then one light shut off, as it came closer the light was shined upon our car and continued until the object was very close. At this time the light was turned off and we realized we were observing something not known to us. It was a very moon lit night and this thing was very large, and very slow moving. As far as description it had no apparent lights once the spot lights were turned off with the exception of what appeared as some very white small high intensity light that would flash from the left side and zip across the front and flash quickly on the left. It made no noise and was very visible as it hovered above our car at about 40-50 ft. It appeared somewhat stealth like in shape with some sort lower level on the belly side. It had the appearance of metalic structure and was much larger than a home. Never did it do anything or move in any aggresive manor. I did not have the nerve to get out of the car but we did watch this thing over us for at least a full five minutes, another car had pulled up behind us and stopped so I know someone else saw this same thing, but I was shaken by what I was seeing and did not try to talk to them.

The final thing that made this so disturbing was several helicoptors came in from the same path and about the same low altitude. As they approached it started to move to the northeast and within seconds was completely out of sight. There appeared to be several high flying planes following along the same flight path but this thing moved many times faster than the planes. I don't know why I have decide to share this now as most people will not beleive it anyway, but we are still bothered by this to this day without resolve of what we saw. We watch everything that comes on television about UFO's in the hope that somewhere someone will have a picture of something similar but so far we have seen nothing that even remotely resembles this thing. In my mind it is still impossible for something this large and metalic just to float there, a stones throw above my head for so long and then leave with speed I have never witnessed before. I can't explain it but maybe there are others that have been witness to something like this and like myself feel they cannot tell anyone. I feel deceived as I beleive someone knows what these things are.


We will invite the other witnesses to submit their respective reports, as well, together with illustrations. PD

Posted 2003-03-21

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