NUFORC Sighting 2694

Occurred: 1995-10-15 22:15 Local
Reported: 1997-10-06 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 5 seconds
No of observers: 2

Location: Woodstock, CT, USA


Summary: Young couple witness large glowing craft streak across the night sky, as if it were "exiting" the Earth. Craft was followed by a trail of pearlescent light, objected started in NE hor.streaked to about 1/2 way across hor. Then apparently flew straight out of the earth! Without a trace. It took a total of three quick "oh my gods!" and it was over. Definitely not a comet!

On October 15, 1995, my boyfriend and myself were on our way to meet some of our friends. It was roughly around 10:00-10:15p.m. We realized that we were a bit early to meet them, so we decided to just drive around for a while. The radio in the car was on, but very quietly.

We drove around for about 10 minutes, or so, and then decided to start heading to meet our friends. We were traveling north on Senexet Road in Woodstock, CT. I was the passenger, my boyfriend was the driver.

My eyes were suddenly drawn to a small glowing light, seemingly the size of a street lamp, but much brighter. Almost as quickly as I noticed it, it started heading in a southern direction (towards us). Its speed was phenomenal, never in all my years (26 to be exact) have I ever seen anything in the sky (day or night) travel at such an incredible speed. The closest that this ball of light came to our location was within about 1/2 mile. Upon reaching that point the object appeared much larger than I had originally thought, it was then that I realized that this was not a plane, helicopter, meteor or comet. All of which I have witnessed before in the night sky. If one were to get close enough to be able to measure the size of the object my guess would be that they find it to be probably close to a 1/4 of a mile long and about half as wide.

Once it reached the closest point that it had come to us, it came to an abrupt stop. Then, in less than a second, it turned, as if effortlessly, 90 degrees toward the west and continued at the previous rate of speed until about half way across the horizon. It then again stopped abruptly and turned another 90 degrees, this time to the north and as quiclky as if it had never stopped it took off, again this time it appeared as if it left the earth completely! Once the object made its first turn towards the west we noticed that it had an incredibly long, pearlescent colored trail of light traveling behind it. This was perhaps the most striking thing that I remember about the object. It was the most beautiful yet strangest light we have ever witnessed. The trail of light, judging by the distance and size from our location appeared to be atleast 15 to 20 miles long! And as bright as the daylight! We didn't tell that many people what we had seen, for obvious reasons.

When I finally contacted a U.F.O. investigative firm, they said there was a bright meteor in that area around that time of the month. I told the guy he was nuts, that I know a meteor when I see one. I said to him,"besides, meteors fall down, not up! And they don't travel at speed in excess of thousands of miles per hour!" He asked how I knew how fast it was going? I told him that in order for that object to travel from one end of the horizon to the middle of the horizon and then out of the atmosphere in less than 3 "oh, my gods!" it had to be traveling faster than anything humans have thus far invented. For a plane to travel the distance that this object traveled in less than 5 seconds, it would take about 20 to 25 minutes! When the object made its first turn and we saw the trail of light for the first time, I had the most incredible tingling sensation come over my body and my eyes started to water and my muscles all felt tense, my boyfriend experienced similar sensations. We are both in our mid-twenties have two children, good jobs and absolutely no reason to make anything like this up. Feel free to post this event, I am no longer worried that people will think I'm crazy. After all, maybe I am crazy, but I'm definitely not STUPID! I know what I saw was without a doubt a U.F.O.

Posted 2002-02-22

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