NUFORC Sighting 26739

Occurred: 1977-08-07 20:30 Local
Reported: 2002-12-23 15:51 Pacific
Duration: not sure
No of observers: 0

Location: Branford, CT, USA

Shape: Disk

Similar "dream" to posting on 1/1/77 in CT.

Someone posted an encounter that happened on 1/1/77 in Connecticut that was so similar to mine it made the hair on my neck stand on end. I am now 33 yrs old and live in Arizona. When I was about 7 yrs old, at least once a year i would receive a visit from a little grey alien (in a dream). In this dream which seemed very real, i would be sleeping in my bed to be awakened by a ufo (silver and disc shaped) at a distance outside my window. Next thing I can remember is being floated down my front stairway, out the front door, up and over my neighbors yard, then I would be standing in a gas station parking lot in the next town over. It was a 76 gas station, which is now a Citgo, located on the westbound side of Saltonstall Parkway in East Haven, CT. This little grey alien, classic description(grey,large head w/large black eyes and very skinny) would play with me and tell me to come with him. All i can remember is refusing to go, then being back in bed, seeing the alien wave goodbye and fly off in the ufo.

Since this time, i've only had one other sighting which was about 2 yrs ago. I stopped at roy rogers on washington ave in N.Haven CT to get breakfast about 7:30 am. When i came out of the restaurant, somthing in the sky was reflecting off the morning sun. i looked up and immediately seen the classic disc shaped silver ufo hovering way up in the sky. I knew what it was immediatly. I looked away and then back at it a couple of times to make sure my eyes wern't bugging out. I watched it move back, forward and side to side in an erratic manner. It was there for about 10 minutes then just dissapeared into thin air.

Posted 2003-03-21

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