NUFORC Sighting 26059

Occurred: 1987-08-17 02:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2002-11-13 00:32 Pacific
Duration: 4 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Springfield, OR, USA

Shape: Cigar

Cigar Shaped and extremely close

I came home after playing atari at a friends I lived in the center of town it was late. I lived in a two story building which i only 8 units.It had maple trees that hadnt fallen yet, these are large trees that tower over the complex. I got out of my car and locked it, and started towards my apartment when what looked like a blimp at first was coming right over the trees. I stopped and thought what the heck is a blimp doing out at two in the morning and why the heck is it in springfield oregon. So I stopped and starred at it as it moved slowly into my view. It was moving the speed of a blimp but as it came into view I got a clear look at it directly over my head at 50-60 feet as it stopped right over me. It was shaped like a cigar and it was the cleanest white color I have ever seen. No lights whatsoever, but it was cut in thirds by two strips of what appeared to be metal. These stripps were about 8-10 feet wide and appeared to be moving but i could not tell. it was strang like a tire on a vehicle with goodyear on it. if they spin at the right speed the letters stop, anyhow, it was huge. about the side around as 3/4 of my complex and 40 or so yards long. It was extremely quiet, in fack there was no sound at all. As it moved over me i could see the end was extremly flat and the frint looked like the part on a cigar you would bite off. it stopped and i stood there shaking and in disbelief. Then it slowly raised itself into an upright position, directly over me and in the blink of an eye bolted at gods knows what speed until it disapeared. where it went up way way up there were sparks like a little firework. This vehicle appeared to have no prepultion at all and made no noise. from the time it was strait up-till the time it went poff like a firework was maybe 1 second. I did not blink I saw it all. I stumbled to my wife frantic and shaking so bad i couldn't stand up. To this day she is the only one who belives me that i told, which isnt many let me assure you. The next day in the Eugene register gaurd,(loc! al newsp aper). Sixty three ufo sightings were reported. The local authorities explained it as a weather balloon. IT WAS NO BALLOON!


Date is approximate. We will attempt to get the news article from the Eugene Register Guard. PD

Posted 2002-11-16

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