NUFORC UFO Sighting 2588

Occurred: 1996-04-01 18:00 Local
Reported: 1997-07-26 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 3 min
No of observers: 2

Location: Kingston, AR, USA

Shape: Triangle

Summary : low elevation above trees hovering, no sound. triangle shape.dull metalic color w/ 3 pulsating dim lights on each corner. calm experience. object turned very slowly w/ swoosh sound and slowly flew away. feeling of walking upon object and it not expecting anyone in area. about the size of a crop duster plane, small air craft.

the husband, kids and my self left california to spent the summer on my husbands parents farm in kingston arkansas. no one lives there. husbands parents hires someone to go feed the animals once a day when no one is there. the farm is the higest elevation in the area. it sits on the hill over looking all the hills and valleys below. the husband and i took over feeding the animals when we arrived. one evening at dusky dark we went to close the chicken house door and there it was! very close. i cant est distance or height very well. id say 1000 ft distance and it was hovering just above the trees near the pond. it was a small air craft est the size of a crop duster plane. it was triangle shape and a dull metalic color w/ 3 dim pulsating lights on each corner. no sound. it would have been invisable if it had been darker outside, except for the lights. it was a shock to see at first then a calm feeling. i ask my husband what it was, he said he didnt know. we just stood there and looked at it. i had the feeling we walked upon it unexpectedly since no one was hardly ever there on the farm. i remember having the feeling i need to get a good look and remember this event. it was such a calm eeerie feeling. it ever so slowly turned with a swoosh sound and flew past the trees and we just kept standing there then went about our business like it never happened. then weeks later when the parents arrived, it clicked in my mind and i told them what happened and my husband got upset and said he didnt remember it. then later that evening when we got home he said he remembered somthing happening but he didnt remember what. like daaah ! now when i talk about it he comes up with several different things that it coild have been, but i know what happened, because i kept telling myself to remeber this and get a good look. it was like yesterday to me but i cant understand why i didnt freak out. why i didnt chase it when it went past the trees so i could see it fly over the valleys below.

Posted 2002-09-28

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