NUFORC Sighting 2582

Occurred: 1997-07-23 20:25 Local
Reported: 1997-07-24 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 1 minute
No of observers: 3

Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA

Shape: Triangle

Summary : July 23, 1997; 8:25 PM; Phoenix AZ/ 9822 N. 16th Place; Looking west, then north. Three witnesses at the same location as the March 13th sightings. We saw a rounded triangle-shaped object totally black against the lighter sky. Within 300 feet. Object could have been 100 ft in diameter. There was a faint glow on each side of it.

July 23, 1997; 8:25 PM; Phoenix AZ/ 9822 N. 16th Place; Looking west, then north. My background is that myself and my family saw the extraterrestrial craft of March 13, 1997 fly directly over our house. Our family was featured in the USA Today article on June 18, 1997 and then on various TV programs. I had been sitting in my back yard with my son-in-law Danny Pasqualini and grandson Adrian. We had been talking about the March 13th sighting and then the return of the craft on June 25th. We were trying to understand where did the people on the craft come from? I told them about a outline of a story I wrote in 1966 which could possibly explain where these people were from. I recounted the story of Windsloop, a man living at some time after the destruction of the world. At one point in the story he is "captured" by "extraterrestrials". Everyone thought the world had been devastated by the "gods" and the world was only now in its "feudal" stage. There was no real science or technology nor people that could operate technology. We find out that right before the destruction, an armada of space ships left the earth with scientists and mechanics and technicians and scholars etc. They knew destruction was coming and they wanted to preserve civilization. They travelled for ove! r 100 years and arrived at an earth-like planet. They prospered and developed for 300 years and finally developed faster-than-light travel. They immediately sent "scout" ships back to earth and found it devastated. They built a huge ship, over 1 mile in diameter filled with everything they would need to "resurrect" the earth and its people. Windsloop ends up joining up with the "returnees" and agrees to be an "agent for rebirth" of the planet earth. Right after I finished the story and we stood up, and looked to the western sky, where the sun had gone down while we had been sitting there. Out of nowhere we saw an object moving through the sky west of us, perhaps 500 feet away and up about 200 feet. It was solid black and had a rounded triangular shape. The first thing we noticed was its absolute silence. At first we thought it was a balloon, but after watching it for 10 seconds or so we knew it was not a balloon. Its movement was too deliberate and too rapid to be a balloon! . It was moving diagonally from the southwest to the northeast directly in front of us and then passed us on the north side of my property heading slightly northeast until we lost it in the darker eastern sky. It almost seemed to fly out at 300 feet around the edge of my property first on the west side then on the north. It made absolutely no sound at all at any time. We had just seen a small plane come from the west towards us and we could here its engine from a couple of miles away. This thing passed within 300 feet of us as it passed by us on the north side of my yard. It's altitude over the area was only about 200 feet up but as it headed northeast it went higher. It was completely black against the dimly lit background sky and it seemed to have a slight glow on either side of it towards the rear. The glow seemed to come from the other side of the object as if there was a light source of some kind on the other side of the object and it was "bleeding" over the edge so ! it could be seen just as an edge glow, slightly reddish and yellow on each side. From that view it seemed this object was facing its "bottom" away from us as it went around us. Its profile seemed almost spherical; but more oval at the leading end, so it almost seemed like a very rounded triangle with the point leading and the glow on both sides of the base end. We all were astonished because there was no earthly explanation for what we had just seen. Danny was saying "what the heck is that?" I said "What do you think it is? Its a flyover by one of those craft. What else could it be?" And we were even more astonished because we had just been talking about the visitors and where might they have come from. For the three of us, it was not a coincidence that this UFO showed up at that moment. It was a verification for us that there are people on these craft and they are deliberately letting us see them, and that they were here at God's behest to help mankind.

Posted 1998-09-26

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