NUFORC Sighting 2551

Occurred: 1996-06-15 00:00 Local
Reported: 1997-07-18 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 1 hour
No of observers: 7

Location: Linesville, PA, USA

Shape: Light

Summary : witnessed flashes of light like explosions along the West,East, and SouthWestern horizons

I, Steven, was camping out on top of a hill near a green water tank/well ,just outside of Linesville,Pa in Pine Township, myself , Mark, Micheal, Keith, Ryan, Regis, and thier sister Monique, were playing it tag, well it started to get late so Monique went to lay down , and myself and the others basically just hung around talking .Suddenly we noticed a flash of light coming from the sky behind us in the east , our backs were facing towards Linesville , when we turned around it appeared to be heat lighting so we shrugged it off . Well about a half hour went by and I saw a sight that reminded me of a A-Bomb explosion in space, just above the SouthWestern horizon. "Look at that did you see that?" I said to my friends , some of them said yes , the others said that they caught a glimpse of something .Well thinking that was it for the strangeness that the night would bring we started playing tag again , well me and Mark were on the western side of the green tank when Regis yelled for us to look * well we looked towards his voice , he was on the eastern side of the tank along with everyone else except me and Mark , we looked up and the heat lightning like light had returned in the eastern sky ,we ran as fast as we could to the others as the light continued to flash , as the light flashed in the eastern sky, we looked to the west and saw another explosive time of light like a A-Bomb, as the night continued the events diminished and we went to sleep scared about what was going on but before went went to sleep all we could talk about was the events that had occured . I realize that there's not much to work with as far a solid proof but i think its important enough event to report to you anyway even after a year , thank you.

Posted 1998-06-02

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