NUFORC UFO Sighting 2547

Occurred: 1984-11-07 02:30 Local
Reported: 1997-07-16 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 10-12 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Carrollton (6 miles west of, on Garrett Circle), GA, USA

Shape: Other

Summary : For 10 minutes, moving from north to south 25 feet above the ground, moving at 1 to 2 miles an hour, a 150 ft tall, 30 ft wide vertically fying object marked by blind white lights, but no surface illumination of the craft flew over our house at 364 Garrett Circle. It vaguely had the shape of a giant iol rig, but had no clearly discernible surface despite the arc-bright lights. A deafening sound of an electric generator, at possibly 90 decibels, with extreme low bass wave undertones was heard, but no down drafts, wind, jet blast or discernable means of levitation (moving wind) was observ

The 150 ft tall, 30 ft wide craft, vaguely resembling an extremely brightly lit, vertically flying oil rig or wide-width broad cast tower, flew over our house at 364 Garret Circle, at 2:30 Am Nov 7, 1984, 6 miles west of Carrollton, Georgia. Initially the object rose up from a forest 100 yeards to the north of our house, and was spinning head over heels vertically in the air, making deafening rumbling and electrical generator sounds. It was the deafening waves of sound and the bright lights that woke both me and my wife up. I am a fairly prominent political scientist in my field, a two-time Fulbright scholar, a Ph.D. with long interests in astronomy, and my wife has a Masters in public administration. I am a Scout leader, and a responsible college administrator now (1997). My wife and I instantly woke up, flew to the front yard ard, and observed the craft cease spinning and it floated towards us 25 to 30 feet above the ground in a VERTICAL flying position. You must imagine it is unreasonable to think that aerodynamics allow such a huge object to fly without wings, moving air, jet-blast, or any discernible means of propulsion, to fly vertically in position, but move horizontally at 1 to 2 miles an hour. We watched for 10 to 12 minutes as the craft approached, passed over our pecan tree and house, clearing it by 8 to 10 feet, and floating south-southwest, it slowly disappeared over the horizon. The craft was followed within about 100 ft by two approx 10 to 15 ft in diameter, red translucent and free-floating globes. The large craft had immensely bright lights (as bright as an arc welders light), none of which were directional. The craft passed slowly over our front yard, from the forest across the street north, above our pecan tree, and our one story home, passing approximately 1 to 15 ft above the! house. I could walk along with the craft across our yard slowly and keep up with it, until I hit our back fence line 70 yards behind the house. I could easily see for several minutes the craft from no more than 20 feet below it. As hard as I tried, I could not see past the bright lights to a surface of the craft. This was extremely weird, since a street light illuminates the surface of it's pole, but these immensely bright lights would not illuminate the surface of the craft, which appeared as black mat invisible. The lights were randomly distributed, with maybe 3 dozen lights, 5% red-colored. I stress that the craft had NO WIND DRAFTS, no down drafts, no jet stream or sound, no discernible flying mechanism -- just a 90 decibel level sound of electric whine as with a giant generator, and waves and waves of deep bass undertones. The translucent globes had no discernible content inside, and were randomly floating behind the large craft, following it but not gaining on i! t, nor attached to each other or the large craft in any way. They floated like directionally motivated soap bubbles, following the craft. The craft was so near me I could have lobbed an apple upwards with a hand and hit it. I recall being extremely intense about observing the environment, watching how the craft flew almost over our pecan tree, and cast moving shadows through it but did not disturb its branches in any way -- all to verify the physical reality of the observation. My wife observed it with me, but for 1 minute moved into the house to flash lights from the porches at it to see if it would respond, to no avail. She immediately came back out to observe it with me again as we moved to the backyard. We kept confirming to each other we were awake verbally, but we agreed not to describe it to each other until we independently wrote a description up, with drawings -- without conversation -- and traded the descriptions to check each others observations. The only dis! crepancy I can remember in our descriptions is that she thought there were a different number of red globes than I (I remember two, I think she recalled three, or one, but not two). We were up discussing our reports to each other until one half hour later, we heard the drone of helicopter and airplan engines outside. We went outside and coul clearly see that 1/2 mile to the east two black and low-flying military tyope helicopters, with forward looking light beams, were accompanying a low- and slow flying two engine plane. They circled around our territory in a radius of about 1 mile, and criss-crossed once going from north to south and followed the trajectory of the crafts which had vanished. We advertised in the Carrollton paper about a week later for other potential observers, but got no takers. We interviewed neighbors, one of which was a pilot immediately to the north of us, but noone reported any perceptions or sightings. We called the local sherrif's office, and th! e Carrollton police that morning to ask if anyone reported anything to them, and they said no reports were turned in. At one point we gave an interview to someone who may have been connected to Mufon -- at least he was a friend of a friend who said he had connections with some reporting organization, but we never heard anything back from him. We possibly could trace back who that person was, as he was a son of an elderly woman in our faith, who is now deceased. We simply had NOONE to report the information to in those days of no internet or organized reporting networks. I have read sporadically in the UFO literature, but have never run across a similar description. I would be grateful to know of similar descriptions in a sighting. The only ones that vaguely resemble ours are two reports in Alien Update by Tim Good by two UK couples in the early 1990s, but their sighting was of an orange colored rectangular (vertical) craft, and the description was not too close, or clear! ly written. That night was slightly hazy if I remember correctly, with no winds. We aver very curious to this day as to the purpose behind the military recon helicopters and plane. I would like to request public anonymity, but I would talk to a researcher, as I am sure my wife would. I attempted to use a camera, but I had no film in it at the time, to my regret. ((Name and number deleted)). Sincere thanks. Again, I WILL talk to a researcher, but I'd prefer at this time that my name not be used, until I am convinced of the credentials of a researcher.

Posted 2001-08-05

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