Occurred: 1980-08-30 16:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2002-08-15 13:45 Pacific
Duration: 30 minutes
No of observers: 5

Location: Rush City, MN, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Landed, Electrical or magnetic effects

Space suit looking things and object in the woods

I was 15 at the time and I was outside by myself throwing bouncing a basketball while the rest of my family was inside the house. I had a weird feeling I was being watched. So I looked around and saw (the only way I can really describe it) is like a silver space suit type thing on the side of the house. But it was only there for one second. From where I was standing I could see both sides of the house. One second later it was on the other corner. Then back again. I don't know if there was several or if that one just moved faster than light. I wasn't afraid of them. I was scared because it was unknown to me. I started shaking and went into the house and never said a word to anyone in my family. When I walked in the front door I locked it and deadbolted it. I walked upstairs and saw my family all watching a T.V. show. I didn't say anything, because I thought they would think I was crazy. I went to the big patio door and locked that to. Then I went to take a shower. As I was in the shower, the house started to shake and I heard this loud noise. I hurried up and got out and threw my clothes on and ran into the living room. My dad was the only one there. I said "where is everyone", and he said outside watching a spaceship or something. I went running outside and my mother and brothers and sisters were watching this thing that they said had come out of our woods and shot to the sky so fast and was making this loud noise. All I could see was the dot way up in the sky. They said it shot out of the woods so fast you couldn't see what it was. At that time I told my mom my little story. I don't think she would have believed me, but she said she did because when they went to run outside they couldn't get the door open because I had locked all the locks. About a week later, my mom and dad were home alone and that same noise came back and the house started to shake and they lost electricity. Only some beams were shining down from an object in the sky which they couldn't see onto our patio. ! Our hou se was on a cliff off a creek off the river. They said it hovered there for awhile with the lights than just went away. I was a paralegal for 10 years and now run a flooring business and business center with my husband. Its weird because it seems like after that happened, no one in my family, including myself, after talked about it. Its almost like you forget until years later. I have just recently in the last few years, told only a few people. And of course they just laugh at me. I do believe there are a lot of hoaxes out there, but I have to believe there is something, because I saw like silver suited, what I think were beings, and they couldn't have been from this planet, because they moved to fast in second intervals. So thats my story.


Date is approximate. PD

Posted 2002-08-16

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