NUFORC UFO Sighting 24265

Occurred: 2002-08-07 13:35 Local
Reported: 2002-08-07 20:16 Pacific
Duration: 15-20 min
No of observers: 3

Location: Arlington, WA, USA

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Aircraft nearby

At approx 1335 8-7-02 I was seated at my desk which is on the 2nd floor of the building where I work. My office window is on the southside of the building, the building is located immeadiantly to the west of the Arlington airport, at the south end of the North to South runways.

My attention was caught by a bright flash outside, which at first I thought was an airplane entering the landing pattern of the airport. However, when I looked out the window, I observed an object which appeared to be hanging motionless in the sky, at the top of a cloud formation directly to the south of my location. The object looked like a straight dark line running from east to west. As I watched, it remained stationary for approx. 2-3 minutes, then began a slow, jerky, upward motion, until it was slightly above the cloud formation, where it stopped again. It remained motionless for a few seconds, then tilted forward at an approx. 20- 30 degree angle, and began moving very slowly, and wobbly toward the northeast. At this point the object reflected the sunlight. I could see that the object was a elliptical shape that appeared to be approx 3-4 times longer than it was thick when viewed edge on. It also appeared to be oscillating or rotating clockwise. It again stopped and hung motionless.

At this point I went down the stairs, to the 1st floor of the building, to tell other people of the object. I encountered our computer system administer who is a former combat helicopter pilot, having spent some 14 years in the U.S. Army as a Warrant Officer in that capacity. I told him to look out his window and tell me what he saw. He looked, saw the object, and said he was dammed if he knew what it was. He and I continued to watch the object as it moved slowly up and down, and back and forth, side to side. It tilted several times, and displayed a definate silver metallic color on its topside. When viewed edge on, it continued to appear dark in color, and thicker in its middle than at its edges. We both agreed that it was metallic in appearance, and appeared to be oscillating or rotaing clockwise. We then advised the switchboard operator, who also looked out and observed the object.

I had the operator dial the number of a friend who works in north Everett. I told my friend what we were observing, and asked her to look from her location for the object. She called back in a couple of minutes and advised that she could not see the object as there were cloud formations at her location. The system admistrator and myself stepped outside the building where we continued to observe the object as it hung motionless, or slowly moved up, down, and side to side. During the time we watched, approx 15-20 minutes, several private planes entered the landing pattern, generally by flying in from the north,on the west side of the airport, banking to the east, and turning north again to approach the north-south runways. All of the planes were between us and the object which appeared to be approx. 2 miles (somewhat of a guess)from us. The object appeared to be somewhat larger than a Cessna 172 type plane would at the smae distance.

We continued to watch the object until it started slowly moving to the southeast, appearing to slowly be losing altitude, and eventually was lost to our sight behind buildings approx. 1/4 mile south of our location. This was observed by the 3 of us. Again, I would estimate the entire length of the sighting at 15-20 minutes.

I am a former law enforcement officer, and served in a jet aircraft fighter/bomber squadron during my service with the U.S. Navy, I have received training in both oberving details, and reporting, as well as being familiar with aircraft. This object resembled no aircraft I have ever observed flying. The system administrator, former helicopter pilot, also could not identify it it as a conventional aircraft.


We have requested reports from other witnesses, but they have not arrived yet. PD

Posted 2002-08-16

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