NUFORC UFO Sighting 24221

Occurred: 2002-08-05 23:15 Local
Reported: 2002-08-06 02:09 Pacific
Duration: 15 min
No of observers: 2

Location: Martinsville/Mooresville, IN, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Landed

many triangle crafts, with lights fllying at tree level and hovering

i was returning from bloomington with my daughter via hwy 37.we decided to cut over on st rd 39 to hwy 67 because of road construction. as we were appx from 67 getting ready to cross the white river bridge i looked to my right, which is a field of corn or something, and noticed a very bright white light that appeared to be stationary. i said what is that, more to myself, because my daughter did not answer. i thought maaybe it was a huge radio tower or something like we crossed over the river i lost sight of it because of the tree line. we turned left on 67 towards indianapolis. less than a minute later i was rolling down the window so i could smoke and right above the trees, a little over the trees and a little over the river i seen a very large, what i thought at the time was an airplane, coming at us. it was appx one mile further north than what i had seen in the field. i asked my daughter to look and we thought it was an airplane about to crash because it was moving toward the ground an towards us at such a fast pace we thought we were going to get hit by it. i was screamong for her to drive faster in hopes we could outdrive it before it hit the ground. it disappeared behind the tree line. i looked back immediately aand there it was hovering, not moving, right above the tree line next to the river. it did not appear to move for about 30 sec and then dropped back below the tree line and i did not see it again. there was no moon out that night so we could not see it very clearly but we both agree that it was triangular, black, had many white flashing lights, a few red flashing lights, a very very bright headbeam and a round light right in the middle of the lower body. she began driving at a very rapid pace because we were in an unpopulated piece of the hwy whithin one minute she screamed because there was another one coming right at us almost the exact same distance as when we saw the first one. it did the same exacct thing the first on did and looked just the same. we were now on a higher ! level of ground and could see further over the tree line and could see two more coming at us perfectly equadistance form each other. each one did the same thing. all this activity was to our right. i looked the left. the same thing was going on over there but they were flying the direction we were driving and the others were flying toward where we were coming from. this went on for appx 15 min until we got past mooresville. one plane that was flying our direction looked as if it crashed into the ground as we watched go almost straight down and never seen it come back up. we stopped at a gas station in mooresville to see if anyone else was watching this and i asked the girl at the counter if she knew of any military stuff going on. she said there was supposed to be a drug bust soon and she thought maybe it was these wierd helicopters that she had seen last week flying over her mothers house in monrovia. when we left the gas station we coould still see about six of them flying there same distance apart. we never seen them after we crossed the morgan county line. we had to pass the airport on the way home and we seen several planes coming in and they were absolutely nothing like we had seen. we thought maybe they were airplanes circling for landing at the airport but why would they be flying so low. we then realized the scariest thing of all. there was no sound to these planes. several had gotten so close to us we could have thrown a rock and hit them but we dont recall hearing any sound whatsoever. my daughter says that she had noticed that above the white light that was on the bottem of the craft she saw what whe thought were windows that she could vaguely see objects through. i do not remember this because i became scared to look at the crafts at all when they got that close. when we were at a stoplight before mooresville two girls were in the car next to us and they were looking up through their windshield the same direction as the closest crafts, so i am pretty sure other people saw them too. can you ! tell me what they were? are there drug enforcement aircraft that would appear like that? i have also thought because we have some incidences of birds with west nile virus maybe the were spraying for mosquitos. also the light on the bottem of the craft was not putting any light on the trees.

Posted 2002-08-16

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