Occurred: 1987-04-15 16:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2002-07-28 12:31 Pacific
Duration: Seconds
No of observers: 0

Location: Seal Rock, OR, USA

Shape: Orb
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

My wife and I are professional photographers and were doing some stock photo work at Seal Rock on the Oregon coast. I still don't know why I suddenly had the urge to turn and take a picture due south as there wasn't anything there we could use in our work. When the slide was processed and I looked at it through an eye loop, I saw the UFO just above the horizon just right of center. I have been a professional pilot for many years and knew it wasn't an airplane. A close friend who sold million dollar photo and printing eguipment, sent the slide to Kodak labs--the ones that do work for the FBI to have it analyzed to see if it was an error on the film.

Their report said it was something in the air flying at tremdous speed. In the enlargement you can see by the light it was really moving. My logs showed I was using 25 ASA film and shot the picture at F4 at 1000th of a second. We have since seen other UFO's but have not gotten photos of them. Being a long time pilot, I'm always looking up to the sky.


Dear Mr. ((name deleted)),

Thank you very much for the report, and for the photographs.

It is very difficult to establish what the light is in the photo. Given that it is not possible to know its distance from the camera, facts such as the object's size, velocity, etc., are all not able to be calculated, in my opinion. I do not know how even Kodak would have been able to determine that the object was moving at a high velocity.

Hence, given the information available to us from your report, the object remains just an unidentified light, to the best of my knowledge.

Did you note the object at the time of your sighting, or see it later while examining your photos. Also, was your camera on a tripod, at the time of the shot?

Thanks, again, for sharing the information with our Center!


Peter Davenport


Yes, it was on a tripod. When I took the picture I was unaware of the
object. Kodak measured the light trail and compared it with known flying or
moving objects. This was not the regular Kodak lab that you have access to.
I have in many years of flying all over the world seen many other flying
objects and about 6 years ago I was driving into town and saw a bright red
orb that I felt was over the area of my house. At this time the cloud layer was about a thousand feet and decending as it ofthen does here in the valley. I was five miles away and having flown thosands of hours I'm a pretty good judge of where things in the air are around here. I called my wife and she went outside and saw it several hundred yards from our house over new construction on the I-5 freeway. When I got home it was still hovering in place below the cloud layer. About twenty people were outside
watching it. It was bright red, the light coming from within. It did not pulse, just glowed. I called the tower chief at the airport 2 miles away. The cloud base was 300 feet. As I pulled off the freeway going north at Market street it was directly ahead of me over the roadway. When I got home it was directly east of my house. Allowing me to see it from three sides. It stayed there for another half an hour for a total time since I saw it of about 45 minutes. It appeared to be about the size of a large auto. It did not fly away, it just seemed to implode into itself. No noise. Just hovered there. I have seen enough of them in my 56 years to not be bothered by them, I just assume they're here and have been here for thosands of years. The first one I saw was about twenty miles south of here in 1956. It flew
over our farm at slow speed. The newspaper said it was seen all over Oregon that night. ((NAME DELETED)). P.S for many years I flew at least 4 days a week at night. You see many things flying over the mountains around here at night. If you need names of others who saw the red orb over the freeway, just ask.


Posted 2002-07-30

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