NUFORC UFO Sighting 23714

Occurred: 2002-07-11 21:15 Local
Reported: 2002-07-11 20:20 Pacific
Duration: 22:15
No of observers: 3

Location: Baltimore, MD, USA

Shape: Flash
Characteristics: Aircraft nearby

Light Invasion In The Sky

I live in the city in an urban area and I'm 19 years old.

It all started when my dog as well as the neighbors dogs were barking histerically. I was sitting watching tv in my room which is in the back of the house on the second floor. I noticed a light out of my window hovering. The sky was bareley getting dark and I just wondered why this really bright star was out so early. I mean this this thing was brighter than a star but far a enough away to appear to look like one. I said what the hey, it's only a star. Then it blinked a few times. I grabbed my binoculars. First there was only one object. A Plane flew by as I was looking thru binoculars, and Object 1 was joined by another object. Both immeadiately went dim. So dim I couldn't see them with my naked eyes, only with binnoculars or maybe with a video cam which I don't have. The only other way to see them was if you caught their occasional blink. They were positioned diagonal from each other, like if they were dots on a square one would be on the top left corner and the other on the bottom right. Then Object 1 moved very slowly to the top right corner of this invisible box, while Object 2 moved at the same speed to the bottom left. They moved so slow it was like they weren't moving. By now it was 21:30. I called my mother to look while I was still keeping an eye on these things. I asked her to get her notebook to write all of this down as it happened, but somehow the notebook was never retrieved.(I later drew everything on paper.) Still in the same slow manner they switched positions. So Object 1 is now in the bottom left. Then Object 2 slowly kept going in the right direction in a straight line until it disappeared into the trees. Object 1 started to blink and was joined by another which was also blinking(maybe Object 2 again I don't know). I don't know why I did it, but things got extrodinary when I grabbed a flashlight and started turning it on and off trying to mimic their blinking. They (Object 1 and Object 3) started to move slowly over top of m! y house still far away as a star. I was Looking up towards the roof, hanging out the window. At this point my mother couldn't see what I saw. Then my mother shouted look! And directly in a straight line parallel to my window as I looked straight out there were about 13 blinking lights. At this time 21:45 several planes have already passed by in which we compared the blinking lights to, but none matched. I kept on blinking my flashlight. I don't even know why. In the back of my mind I really thought they couldn't see it because it was too high up. But still more appeared. Too many to count because of the annoying blinking. Two of the blinking objects moved left in which I followed with my naked eyes only to see them meet up with a really bright one, about as bright as the very first one I saw. It was there up until 22:45 but I stopped looking at 22:15 because I got board. It was just hovering there with the other 2. The rest had gone. My mother checked on it twice, up until 22:45 til she couldn't see the bright one anymore. The first two objects had a yellow/reddish color. The bright ones were the same only brighter. The others were dim as stars but blinking enough to get your attention. Probably 1 blink every 2 seconds.

Posted 2002-07-26

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