NUFORC Sighting 23685

Occurred: 1977-06-01 23:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2002-07-10 04:12 Pacific
Duration: 2 Hours +
No of observers: 4

Location: Gisborne (New Zealand), , New Zealand

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Lights on object

Here is an unfiltered account of communications and interactions between a teenage human and a group of ET's.

This happened 25 years ago during a well documented UFO flap in 1977 in Gisborne New Zealand and the Waimata Valley near Gisborne.

What I experiences seems quite different from what people talk about but this is how it happened., nothing is held back.

I'm free to talk about it now as this information is publicly available in space so it may as well be publicly available here too.

Here it is, complete with spelling mistakes and typos.

"Here is what I wrote on an sighting report this year about the ET's experience with me: they had the misfortune of trying to control a highly excited, disobedient teenage boy that was loose on their spaceship. It was fun for all of us and probably put the ET's off having human teenagers as children.

I didn't need hypnosis to recall this. The ET's memory erasing methods didn't work on me, which also meant they couldn't control me while I was with them like they were used to controlling humans. By time they learned that is was too late for them to do anything about it.

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Date, 1977 Location, Waimata Valley NZ - I lived there on our family farm.

Event Circumstances, It Happened during a UFO flap that centred on Waimata Valley and Gisborne at the same time UFO's were filmed from a plane over the South Island of NZ.

Main Event, I was a guest on a scout UFO and was taken into space for urgent medical attention on a larger space ship when the operation in my nose went wrong.

We'd had UFO sightings reported for over 2 months along Waimata Valley Road near our house So I decided to sleep with a torch and the next time one flew over our house I'd get out my window with the torch and start signalling it.

One flew over our house and I jumped out the window and began signalling it.

There were two ET's in a window looking down at me. I could read their telepathic conversation to each other, one was saying lets carry on, this is of no interest and the other said to wait, this could be of interest. At this point I was flashing the torch and waving at them like any excited kid and I thought "yes - I've won them over".

The one that said this might be of interest immediately telepathically told me I had not won them over and next thing I remember I'm in a corridor on the scout ship jumping up and down going it's true! it's true! you are real and there were at least 2 Et's just standing there looking at me trying to get a handle on the sight of an over excited teenage boy in pyjamas going off in front of them. What was of interest to them was that I could read their telepathic conversations to each other. I also learned they have ways of telepathically talking one on one and ensuring on ET nearby can listen on to the one on one chat.

Once I'd calmed down from hyperactive to just animated the tall one walked asked me why I had been unsure if they were real and why was I out there flashing my torch at them. I replied that we'd been told they weren't real and others were saying if they were real they were here to harm humans. I said they'd been over our house for the past few months and I was still fine so obviously they were not here to hurt us so I decided to attract the attention of the next one that flew over our house.

The tall one asked who was saying they were here to harm them and I said - the Americans said this all the time but I stopped believing that when they'd been over our house for a few months and we hadn't been harmed by this. The Tall one was not happy to hear that I'd been told ET's were here to harm humans. The tall one told me they'd met humans and had not received a friendly reaction from humans. Humans had not made them feel welcome on Earth. I said well on behalf of humans they were welcome here. I think the Tall one and short ones were trying not to telepathically laugh at a human child welcoming them on behalf of humanity but I was so excited and I'd blurted it out as I really wanted them to feel welcome.

They told me the Russians were just like us and that I had to like the Russians as well as the Americans as we were all one species. This freaked me out and I had a stand up argument with them saying the Russians were not our friends as they were communists and if they were our friends why were they building so many more weapons than they needed and the Tall one kept saying we (communist or capitalist) must get along as we were all the same. I just couldn't accept this concept so we dropped the conversation and went to a room.

A some point they put me in a trance to keep me in one place while they went to another room. I snapped myself out of the trance and went wandering around the corridors. A little ET spotted me and was surprised as was the Tall ET but the tall ET told the little ET I was safe so to let me look around. The little ET followed me everywhere during this phase. Then my time for medicals began so I went back to the room and got on the table/bed.

There the tall one told me that they had not been offered much co-operation from Humans and it would like my assistance, by this time it was standing over a bench in the corner of the room preparing some hand held instrument and I was lying on my back on a body temperature metal or plastic table. I said I'd be happy to help it, it could take off an arm if it wanted as long as it didn't harm my ability to think as that was important to me. It was touched by that remark and laughed that it didn't need an arm but would do other things.

It did whatever it did then began to put a powered instrument up my nose. I said it looked like it would hurt me and it said if I liked it would stop any pain and I said yes please so it gave me the image of a moth crawling up my nostril while the instrument went in. While the instrument was up there doing whatever it did the ET dropped their guard and telepathically I picked this up so I seized the moment and jerked my head back violently with the instrument still active deep in my nostril. The ET was quick to stop the instrument but the damage had been done, it had sliced me up wherever it was inside my nostrils. The ET asked " why did you do that" and I said now you'll have to take me with you, you won't be able to fix that in time. There was a mini conference with the ET's in a corridor and the scout ship bolted to space.

I was allowed out to watch as I felt the motion and I was over the moon as I felt this meant I was going with them to their planet. I saw the big ship as we approached it and was transferred to it to be repaired. Sometime during the repairs I realised I was to be returned to home and I was really upset by this so I tried to persuade them my parents didn't love me and I really wanted to go with them. They said I couldn't live with them and wouldn't explain why I couldn't then they showed me footage of my mother panicking in the house as she'd gone to my bedroom and couldn't find me. They used this to show me my story about not being loved by my parents was not true as my mother was panicking so I had to be returned to her.

I accepted defeat and went back to the scout ship to be returned. I asked them if they'd visit us and would they please come for dinner and meet my family. The tall one asked if we would cook vegetarian and I said we had vegetarians but they were not normal, we all ate meat. The Tall one was not impressed with meat consumption. They said they would definitely be back.

They dropped me off in daylight just in time for me to go to school.

While wandering around the scout ship I'd pocketed a small item. I'd kept it with me and the little ET knew I had it. The big ET one either didn't know or pretended not to know that I had it. As I was being let out the door of the scout ship the little one said to stop me as I had an item of theirs. I was asked to stop so I did, no force was used. There ware about 4 of them grouped around me in the corridor and the tall one came over and said " have you got anything" I said no an the tall one immediately flashed me a telepathic warning that the others couldn't hear which said "this is important - hand it over" so I conceded defeat and handed it over and tried to justify it by saying " I had to do it you know" then I was transferred back to my bedroom.

My father saw me being returned and wouldn't touch me until Mum made him. My mother was in the house.

Unusual observations? Movements, sounds, lights, odours, etc Nothing unusual, it was a metallic disc that hovered quietly and had windows which I could see into when I was standing below it and I could see out of when I was in it. There were no surprises in the interior, it had corridors, separate rooms, a flight control area which was ergonomically correct for a 16 year old and which would have been relatively easy to learn as it looked conventional and uncluttered.

The temperature was normal and the furniture was functional for humans as well as ET's. Any human would feel comfortable inside it.

The ET's each had distinct personalities. The tall one who did the nose operation on me in the scout ship was very familiar with humans and was relaxed around me. I could chat telepathically with it and it loved talking, it was very enthusiastic about humans and their potential and was surprised humans had not been as positive in their attitudes towards ET's.

There was also a short ET that was a bit shorter than me. It didn't trust me and kept following me around. It nearly freaked when I wandered into the flight deck and was leaning over the instrument panel/console. I told it when I grew up I was going to fly these (I meant planes as a pilot but it thought I meant fly UFO's - it dismissed the idea of me flying UFO's when I grew up as ridiculous). The short ET had very limited experience with Humans and felt we were barbarians - not to be trusted. It was watching me to learn more about this human species that it had been warned about but had not had not seen first hand before. That's the impression I was getting from it. I didn't help improve it's attitude as it caught me trying to steal a souvenir and it kicked up quite a stink when it looked like I was going to be released with the souvenir still in my procession.

Describe your location relative to the sighting When the ship stopped above me it was say 10 - 20 metres above me and in front of me so I could easily see into it's windows and see the 2 ET's discussing me. It never landed I was in one spot one moment and in the ship in the next moment.

Other people? Names, contact details Here are other events reported on the web concerning the UFO flap at the time 1. THE U.F.O. BBS - Originally dated 5 Aug 1993, 17:29 In the Waimata Valley, New Zealand, Decemebr 2, 1977, a farmer was awoken by his dog barking and, upon investigation, saw a landed "flying saucer" on the ground. Two humanoids were carrying one of his dogs between them and moving towards the object. They were 143 cm tall and wore close fitting, metallic silver overalls and white, opaque helmets. These overalls were gathered at the ankles with elastic cuffs which extended over red glowing boots. On the entities' hands were large silver gauntlets with flared arm coverings extending half way up the forearms. The white helmets were rounded like large motorcycle helmets and extended from shoulder to shoulder without any markings or openings. Alarmed my this sight, the farmer fired a shot and apparently winged one of the entities for the two beings dropped the dog and the wounded one ran off into some nearby bushes while the other ran into the craft which took off at speed.

This happened to a near neighbour a couple of miles up the Waimata Valley road from us. It happened about a week or two after the encounter the ET's had with me. We knew of it at the time and can believe is as both the residents and the ET's seemed comfortable with each other.

The residents accepted the UFO's crop circles and occasional dead cow as "just another day at the office" and left the ET's alone and the ET's were quite cheeky with the frequency of their daytime as well as night time appearances and the evidence they were leaving around.

The farmer probably shot the ET as he's shoot anyone who was stealing and hurting his dog.

A story that went through Waimata Valley as that a couple of days after the event a distressed ET stepped on the road to flag down one of our neighbours as she drove to town. The silly lady floored it and left the ET by the roadside rather than stop and offer assistance. She missed an opportunity there 2.(1. Original investigation by Bryan Dickeson. 2. Retrospective investigation by Keith Basterfield & Bill Chalker. 3. Dykes, M. (1981). "Strangers In Our Skies." INL. Lower Hutt. pp46-49.) Three women were involved in an abduction case in the midst of a large UFO flap near Gisborne which began in 1977. One night they were lying on a hillside watching the skies, and felt that a period of "missing time" occurred. Shortly after the event a regression hypnosis session was arranged and an abduction scenario revealed. In 1989, during a retrospective investigation by Keith Basterfield and Bill Chalker, a regression session was conducted with one woman. This revealed an account of being drawn up a beam of light; of seeing one of the other women inside the UFO, and of talking to a male entity. All three women were then back on the hillside.

I haven't been in touch with the above organisation but I probably know the girls involved in this report.

3" In late December 1978, air freight pilots reported seeing unusual bright lights hovering over Kaikoura, N.Z. Two weeks later, in January 1979, the mysterious lights returned and were videotaped by Australian and New Zealand TV news agencies.

Following the sightings, the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RZNAF), the police and the Centre Observatory in Wellington cooperated in an investigation, the results of which were stamped Top Secret and lodged in the National Archives in Wellington.

Calling the report "a whitewash," Hassall was quoted by the New Zealand Press as saying, "They discussed how to deal with the problem of (UFO) reports and they all agreed to cooperate and investigate... but not tell the public they were exchanging information. Secretly they were trying to figure it out. No one wanted to deal with the problem of UFO reporting. They didn't know what to do about them, partly through a lack of resources to adequately investigate them


We are unable to confirm the representations made below, although the investigators cited by the witness are well known in the community of ufology. We will make an effort to contact the investigators, in order to establish that they have investigated this case. PD

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