NUFORC UFO Sighting 23651

Occurred: 1997-11-20 19:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2002-07-07 14:43 Pacific
Duration: 10 Mins
No of observers: 4

Location: Melbourne (VIC, Australia), , Australia

Shape: Cone
Characteristics: Lights on object

Driving home with freinds, saw unusual craft (real obvious UFO) hovering in a field, stopped to look at/verify what it might be...

I where driving home with three male friends in the car where I were going to stay over at their place in Broadford (country town North of Melbourne, Australia) we took the Hume Highway, I cant exactly say what location these fields are located, because I dont know how far exactly up the highway (but I can certainly point it out when I pass it) well it is kind of quite far up the Hwy before you come into Broadford, there are these fields on both sides (some do have, well at least now they do, have cows and various other livestocks in them, mainly sheep, and a few horses). I was Driving past there (I was'nt even looking, as I was concentrating on the road) when one of my mates (the one in the passenger seat next to me) said "hey (my name here), what ((deleted--is)) that over there?" I looked and noticed what he was looking at. it looked really strange thats for shure. it was definately a UFO!, I answered my mate and said "it looks like a flying saucer or something!" the whole four of us where looking at this "thing" which was a fat squat cone shaped, obviously a solid metal craft of some kind, and it had a blue light round the edges of it, it also appeared to have windows!, which you could not seem to see because they where black!! (what the hell would you have black windows in a flying machine for) if they where windows that is. the metal of this craft seemed to be a matt creamy fawn color (dont know what the hell sort of metal would be like it to describe in comparison, it is like or looks like, something on Earth we have, but I do not know the name of this metal to say it, sorry) by this time we had pulled over of the road (not to cause an accident if somebody came fast around the sort of bend) we got out of the car to more proper observe this thing, and we said "S--t! it is definately a flying saucer". we watched in disbeleif and where sort of shocked by this "thing" in the field, and just to shock us more it came over TWORDS US!, and it seemed to have a very powerful throbbing, whirring, high tension e! lectrici ty like sound coming from it. it came very close and hovered, but we had already fraked out and s--t ourselves, got back into the car as quick as hell (because that was too too much we thaught, too freaky!!) but we did not take off immediatly, because as we was starting the car in a blind fluster, the craft moved away sort of in a lifting as it sort of turned (you could tell by the above described "black windows" on the craft that it was also turning, it looked very like a spinning top) way it went over the road and sort of up and over these hills that there is there, and seemed to stop for a few seconds there and then completly disappeared out of sight. we were all quite shaken up and sort of excited by the incedent that just took place, we were talking about it the rest of the night, as we ate dinner, and the whole of next day.

We did not report the incedent to anybody, we said "lets not, tell anyone, because people would think we are f-----g nutcases! or being stupid making jokes with people" and besides, I did not ,nor my friends know where to report something of this kind (A bloody real UFO!!).

we didnt see it again, when we drove home to Melbourne a few days later...because we checked out the field....but nothing. part of us wanted to spot it again, and part of us didnt want to see it again…

Posted 2002-08-28

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