NUFORC UFO Sighting 23555

Occurred: 1965-08-20 22:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2002-07-01 17:59 Pacific
Duration: 5 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Rutland, MA, USA

Shape: Cigar
Characteristics: Changed Colo

No longer a bright white, but had turned to a radiant pulsating red hue.

This event happened when I was 20 years old, around 10 pm, it was late summer or early fall 1965. I have only told a few people about this incident. The eyewitness who was with me would not talk to anyone about this, not even to me the day after the occurrence.

My fiancés cousin and I were driving home from Holden. Instead of taking me home the usual way, we drove north down Route 68 towards Hubbardston. I remember this night clearly, ----- was driving his mothers 1962 Thunderbird, we were just gabbing, laughing and having a good time.

Route 68 was not heavily populated then, as it is now. The road was and is a very long, straight and wide paved two-lane highway. There were not very many houses back then, just a few scattered here and there. It was about five or six miles until we would arrive at the junction of Route 56 and Route 68. My house was located on Route 56 in Rutland and we would have to back track south on 56 for a mile to reach my home.

Having driven roughly 3 miles down Route 68 past the Rutland town line, heading towards the town of Hubbardston, while I was looking at the clear night sky through the passenger side windshield, I noticed a very bright star; only this star was getting larger with every passing second. I yelled at ----- to look up, quick! By that time it was huge and very bright. He said, "What the H--- is it?" I couldn’t even speak at this point and just kept watching the object, until it was huge and hovering over the treetops approximately 3 tenths of a mile away in front of us.

It was no longer a bright white, but had turned to a radiant pulsating red. I am sure that it was saucer in shape, but looked much like a huge cigar, floating in a falling leaf like movement, gliding from left to right, then up and down and side to side again and so on, altering from red to a blazing blue hue. This went on for about 5 minutes. From our perspective the size of the object appeared to be the size of a large Greyhound bus.

There were maybe three or four cars behind us that slowed down when we did. We pulled over and stopped on the soft shoulder, then got out of the car, as a couple of other cars passed us. But two or three vehicles stopped in back of us and were watching, also, no one said a word, we all just watched. So there were other observers, but I don’t know who they were.

When it finally stopped hovering the object turned intense white again and flew off at an incredible speed into the night sky, until it was only a speck as when I had first noticed it.

There is one thing that I took note of; the place where the object was hovering was directly over the power lines that cross Route 68.

It was so odd, no one that I can remember said anything, and everybody just got back into his or her cars and drove off, slowly. ----- and I talked about it a little, but when I saw him the next day, he did not want to talk about it at all. A few years later when he came to visit my husband and me, I brought our unidentified flying object experience up to him and he almost denied ever seeing such a thing. I know I will never forget, not ever! In case you are wondering, there was no alcohol, or drugs of any kind involved.

Thank you for this Web Site, I sort of feel relieved after telling my story. I don’t fell so crazy after reading some other peoples experiences. This is the first time that I have ever reported this event.


Date of incident may be approximate. Please see any description of the UFO sightings which occurred over New England during the summer of 1965, including the "Incident at Exeter," by John G. Fuller, and a description of the same event by Peter Davenport and Peter Geremia in the "Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters," edited by Ronald Story. PD

Posted 2002-07-26

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