NUFORC UFO Sighting 23487

Occurred: 1993-07-04 03:00 Local
Reported: 2002-06-27 17:53 Pacific
Duration: 30-45min.
No of observers: 10

Location: New York City, NY, USA

Shape: Other

three light U.F.O.'s in the night

I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night I looked out the window & saw 3 round red lights in the shape of a triangle as they silently approached my window in a triangle formation they seperated. Each then flying over the trees and stopping whenever they wanted. I remained fixed on them hoping this was a dream but no so I related everything that happened as I saw it thinking that perhaps one day I could be hypnotized & could relate it all in the order that it happened. It struck me that regardless of size they didn't make any noise. Any then they way they just seperated & started hoovering & almost like playing over the trees seemed pretty weird to me. They would start & stop whenever they chose to. This went on a long time at least 30-45 minutes. I've always wanted to relate this to someone but have been afraid people would think I was crazy or something.


Date may be approximate, although that is not indicated by the witness. To the best of our knowledge, NUFORC has not other reports of this incident. PD

Posted 2002-07-01

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