NUFORC Sighting 23352

Occurred: 1961-09-01 20:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2002-06-18 19:39 Pacific
Duration: Several days
No of observers: 0

Location: Toledo, OH, USA

Shape: Light

Watched light move over woods for several nights, encountered two small glowing figures, experienced time displacement.

Subject: Web report from 10/01/1961 After reading the report about the Toledo sighting, I felt compelled to send this information about an experience I had as a child while living in Toledo, Ohio. Although I did not see the sphere as described in the report, I did have a communication encounter similar to the person in the report.

Reading the report brought tears to my eyes and a chill up my spine.

Born in May of 1954 (was age 7 as person in Toledo sphere sighting ). As a child time of day and days of a year were not so important as a reference while growing up. Things like school year, summer vacation, birthday, Christmas were more of a reference point for time. I did not keep a diary or journal but one experience around about the summer of 1961 seems to stand out. It seemed to last over a period of several days or even a week or more. The reason it's not clear is because I believed that my experience was just a childhood dream. It was not until decades later that I suspected my experience was not a dream and that someone or something had given me that impression to remember the experience as a dream.

I lived with my mother and father in a ranch style house next to a large wooded area with a small pond and beyond the woods was a large field with a larger pond. My summer evenings were spent sitting in a lawn chair and watching the stars until my parents would make me go to bed. One night as I watched the sky, our dog (who lived outdoors year round ) began barking and tugged on his doghouse chain toward the woods. It was then that I noticed a glowing light (white glow not much different from that of a distant plane) that seemed to be moving over the woods at a slow speed. Soon the light was no longer in sight because of the tall trees. Our dog stopped barking. It was not unusual for the dog to bark at wildlife in the woods at night so nothing seemed to be out of the norm. My father came to the back door to let me know that it was time for bed and I went inside. Thinking about the light, it came to me that there was something odd after all, it made no sound, only a white glow, and no blinking lights like a plane would have.

The next morning I went to the woods and walked along the worn path that led to the small pond.

It was the same path I had walked and played along with other area children since my parents had moved here in 1959.

As I walked along on that sunny morning, a refection of something in the weeds just a few feet off the main path caught my eye. I found a rectangular metallic object about 10"x 4"x 6", it had only a kind of dial with some lines on it, no printed words or letters, no screws. I looked for some way to open it but found none. At this point I carried the lightweight object home and put it on a living room table.

Later that day when my mother came home from work and noticed the object she asked, "where did you get the new radio from?" At this point I realized the shape of the object did some what resemble a radio and I replied " found it in the woods this morning" but I don't think she really believed me and she made a point of telling my father when he came into the room.

That evening while watching stars in the sky, I became thirsty and went into the house for a drink. It was then that I heard a strange sound coming from the object on the table and I began to walk toward it when our dog began barking. Turning I went to the back door and stepped out on to the porch. There was the white light moving over the woods just like the night before only this time a feeling came over me that the white glow knew I was watching it. I could still hear the strange sound coming from the metallic box. I watched the white light move over the woods for several minutes until it was out of sight. Once out of sight the sound from the box and the barking of our dog both stopped.

The next day would be a changing point in my routine, the last day of summer vacation. A new school year would mean early to bed, homework and little time for stargazing. That night sometime before 21:00 (bedtime school nights) while getting ready for bed, the strange sound from the metallic box in the living room was heard again. Within a short period of time, I could hear our dog barking. I went to the back door and out onto the porch. There was the white light again moving over the woods as before. The feeling that it knew I was watching came over me again and soon it was gone. Like before the metallic box sound stopped about the same time as the barking of our dog.

While getting into bed, I thought that the box found in the woods had some kind of relationship to the white light moving over the woods. Maybe the light was looking for the metallic box.

The same situation happened for the next night or two and I got used to the strange sound from the box.

It became sort of an early warning system that the white light was near. What happened next is still hard for me to understand. While working on my homework, our dog began barking and barking.

He barked for a long time but I did not pay much attention to him because there was no sound from the metallic box. Finally I decided to investigate what was troubling the dog. I stood looking over at the metallic box and noticed the dial setting had been changed. I went to the box and turned the dial to it's marked setting. Instantly the strange sound was heard and I asked my parents "how did this dial get moved?" and my mother looked up from her newspaper and said " I must have moved it when dusting".

I ran to the door and out onto the back porch where I was frozen with the sight of two small figures at the rear corner of our yard next to the utility pole. They seem to glow with a dim self-illuminating light and to be just as surprised to see me as I was to see them. I could also see our dog that was no longer barking but hiding in his doghouse. I could not move, speak, yell, or scream (I tried but was unable to do anything but watch). The small figure on the right seem to take a step and in a way floated up the utility pole and landed on the telephone wires near where they attach to the pole. What happens next is even more unbelievable.

The next thing I recall is standing in the hallway of our house. I am completely paralyzed but can see my parents on the living room couch reading the newspaper. They are unaware of my presence as I try to call out to them with no avail. At that point I hear the sound of my father's table saw in the basement turn on, saw a piece of wood and then turn off. The front door opens and my mother walks in and takes off her wet shoes just as she always has done after moving the front lawn sprinkler. I hear footsteps of someone coming up the basement steps, the basement door opens and my father walks into the room. From my point of view I now can see two of my mother and two of my father but it is apparent they cannot see each other. It's at this point where my mind is franticly trying to understand what is happening here.

This is when I realize someone or something that I can not see or hear is communicating with me.

The most unusual, controlling and overpowering feeling I have ever experienced in my lifetime.

The communication went like this: YOUR PARENTS ARE BEING REPLACED, replaced with what? ( I thought), NOT REPLACED WITH WHAT, REPLACED IN TIME, you can't do this I will tell, I will tell ( I thought), WHO WILL YOU TELL?, I will tell everyone ( I thought), YOU WILL NOT TELL ANYONE, THEY WOULD NOT BELIEVE YOU, THEY WILL THINK YOU ARE INSANE.

The most helpless and hopeless feeling came over me.

I woke the next morning in my bed. The metallic box object was gone.

I never discussed this with anyone for many years and believed in my mind that it was only a dream.


Date is approximate. PD

Posted 2002-07-01

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