NUFORC Sighting 2288

Occurred: 1997-06-20 20:34 Local
Reported: 1997-06-21 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 5 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Carefree, AZ, USA

Shape: circle

Summary : Large round object glowing a bright green, with also some yellow & white light dropping to the NE from SW, to near ground level at about a 45 degree angle & dissapeared behind the north side of Black Mountain.

This was NOT a meteorite. I'm an amateur astonomer. Every meteorite I have ever seen was always white never any color, a small point of light, and faster and higher elevation than this object. The color was a failrly brilliant (almost neon) light green, it had lesser shades of yellow and white. It seemed like I could actually see a round object rather than the normal point of light. It was geading toward earth at a 45% angle. There is no way it could have burned-up as it was near ground level when it dissapeared to the NE behind Black Mountain. It was the same size and light intensity when first viewed high up in the sky. There was an alomost full moon at the time and the sky was still somewhat light from the sunset so it's even more amazing how bright and visible this object was, as the sky was far from dark at the time.By the way, I also witnessed the UFO's near Phoenix on 3-13-97 which I never reported until now.They were due south of here, I would estimate directly over Phoenix. It's dark sky here as there is no city lights in this rural area 30-miles north of downtown Phoenix, but bright city lights in Phoenix may explain explain why my view was so good. Plus, I am elevated here at 2,600 foot level, on the slope of Black Mountain. My wife and I observed the 3-13-97 objects for about 20 to 30-minutes. They were in a quarter-circle formation with 5 objects to the right and 1 object to the left of center and seperated somewhat from the other five. They were much larger than a star or airplane lights. The were round and glowing a steady white light. They were heading very slowly from west to east, almost hovering in the sky and just barely moving. They did not lose any altitude at all. This eliminates them being flares or baloons like I heard the military said they may have been. Plus they were flying in a well defined and steady geometrical formation. After about 15-minutes som!e of the objects simply starteddisappearing, almost light they turned their lights off. After 10 to 30-minutes they all seemed to have disappeared from view. It's not like they moved out of sight, butb they seemed to have simply "blinked-off". There is no way they could be airplanes, far too slow and almost stationary. They could not be flares as they lost no altitude at all during the entire time. Plus, I believe they were close enough to make out the object, rather than just a point of light. They were all equal size round white objects, except the on to the left of center was seperated from th others and may have been a little larger than the other five to the right of center. All six were flying in a quarter circle formation and curved in a perfect geometrical arch.There is no other explanation for this than UFO's. Being an amateur astonomet I view the night sky all the time and have never seen anything like my sightings of March 13 and June 20, 1997.My wife also witnessed the 3-13 sighting and her version is exactly the same as mine.

Posted 1999-01-28

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