NUFORC Sighting 22835

Occurred: 1994-06-11 21:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2002-05-13 14:01 Pacific
Duration: 30 sec
No of observers: 1

Location: Boston, MA, USA

Shape: Triangle

3 Red trianles

May or June 11th of 1994, I am not sure any more of the exact date. I am an experianced airline pilot and I know what I saw was like nothing I've ever seen in the sky before or since. I'm not exactly sure what I saw which is why it has taken me this long to relate this story to anyone.

It was approximately 2100 hrs of that evening. I had just finished flying a trip into Boston's Logan airport. The weather was warm and there was a broken cloud deck above Logan with bases of about 10,000ft and the tops ranged from 10,300 to 10,500. We had just come from Quebec so I knew pretty well where the clouds were hanging. I was walking from the airplane to our operations area in one of the large hangers on Logan's North ramp. I looked up through a pretty good hole in the clouds as I was walking and noticed 3 objects in the sky just above the cloud tops. The first two were in a tight echelon formation and the last one was trailing about 1/2 mile behind. Whatever they were, they were trianglular in form with rounded corners. Their coloration looked black except for that they glowed red much like a caste iron poker would glow once heated. They approached from the west and were heading east a a high rate of speed. Their size was emmence as from where I was standing they appeared to be a good 1" long. They were in snd out of the cloud t adjusting for my prespective that would have them hughe. I called a close friend at the approach control to see if they had picked up anything. They had not.


Dear Capt. ((deleted)),

Thank you very much for the excellent, and fascinating report!!

I do not know what it was you witnessed, but I agree that the objects were "anomalous." I know of nothing in our military arsenal that looks like what you saw that night.

Is there any way you might be able to reconstruct the precise date of the event, using your flight logs, for example? If possible, given the quality of the report, we would very much like to pin down all the detail we can.

You might be interested in another report from the New England area from an airline pilot. His sighting of a charcoal-black, egg-shaped object, seen as he passed over the Rhode Island shoreline at 8,000 feet, was very unusual, too. The report is on our website for June 22, 2000, but I copy the text below, as well:


Thanks for the reply...and not laughing. It was very difficult for someone in my profession to tell that story. I did take a look back through my logs but to no avail. I think at the time, in my own mind I was trying to minimize what I had seen.

At the time I was also in the habbit of keeping a journal which may shed more light on the story, but for the moment that remains misplaced. I will be happy to follow up with any more details should they come to light.

Capt. ((deleted))



Date is approximate. We have requested that the witness attempt to determine the exact date of the sighting, using, perhaps, his flight logs. PD

Posted 2002-05-14

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