NUFORC Sighting 22805

Occurred: 2002-05-10 01:00 Local
Reported: 2002-05-12 00:09 Pacific
Duration: 2 hours
No of observers: 1

Location: Surprise, AZ, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Left a trail, Changed Colo

Voluntary isolation is rewarded with quite the celestial show.

I have habituated myself into driving out in the desert to simply be still and gaze up at the milky way, which is brilliant out here, contemplate and be privileged with frequent 'shooting stars'. Well, on the night on may 10, I got much more than expected! At about 1 AM a meteor streaked across the sky; and as I was looking in its direction I rested my glance on a dark patch of sky into which it disappeared. A few short moments later a light appear in the dark patch. Based on appearances it looked like any other star, but then it began to pulse:bright, less bright; bright less bright, it continued in this rythmn for about 2-3 minutes then began to move from its location WSW sky(from my perspective) to ESE sky. It was VERY high in the sky and had no accompanying noise until a 45 degree angle was formed with me being the crux. In other words, if I stretched out my arms at a 45 degree angle and extended the lines in the sky, that was where the noise was relative to the 'ship'.

Perhaps 5 to 10 minutes later another streak painted the sky and disappeared into darkness. I waited and sure enough a light appeared and then began to pulse. What's more is out of my peripheral vision I noticed another pulsing. It appeared as if the two were communicating because when one would pulse the other refrained and vice versa. Again the incidences were in the WSW sky and started to move ESE.

Two more occurences happened in the same way witht the correlative streaking prologue to the pulsing.

The sixth event happened as before except there was another light which necessitates a brief explanation. Imagine a cloud in the sky with a bright light behind it resulting in a fuzzy light. This fuzzy light looked as if it was lower in the sky than the others but ascended straight up at an incendiary pace then disappeared. The sixth light began to pulse and the seventh light appeared in the NWN sky and these two began the 'conversation'. The sixth started its migration to the ESE sky and the seventh began its travel to the NEN sky. I followed them both until they were out of sight.

When these things appeared as lights they were the color of a star-whitish blue, but the pulsing was red. This red light seemed as if it rolled across the width? length? of the object. Perhaps it had wings or was triangular in shape and had alternating red lights on both ends? The actual shape was too difficult to discern as there was a new moon.

It is important to include Luke Air Force Base is les than thrity minutes away by car. Perhaps they were taking a few Stealth Bombers out for a night trek? Can the stealth hover? Strange days in Arizona. I am about to go out again tonight

Posted 2002-05-14

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