NUFORC UFO Sighting 2262

Occurred: 1997-06-09 01:15 Local
Reported: 1997-06-09 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 15 minutes
No of observers: 0

Location: Monterey (north of), CA, USA

Shape: Other

Summary : saw blue green bright flash covering entire horizen, then few miles down the road off of highway 1, saw two perfect circles of fire in a large field and one smaller fire in the distance.

four friends and i were travelling at approximately 1:15 am on highway 1 about 10 miles north of monterey california. all but one witnessed extremely large blue green flash on horizon that lit up the entire sky like lightning.a few miles down the highway and over some small hills, we encountered two almost perfect circles of fire in a large field on the eastern side of the highway. we did not see any structures nearby or any debris (as if from something that had crashed?) we witnessed two fire trucks going towards the fires a few miles further north, but after calling the monterey communications office, the dispatcher told us that he had no record of dispatching any type of emergency vehicles at the time in question. please email me with any questions or information that you might have, as i am extrmely interested, as well as perplexed, by this incident. ((Name and address deleted)) all five passengers who witnessed these things are males between the ages of 22 and26 who are all college educated and of Mexican descent.

Posted 1999-01-28

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