Occurred: 1997-05-27 00:35 Local
Reported: 1997-05-29 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 5 minutes
No of observers: 3

Location: Laguna Park, TX, USA

Shape: cigar

Summary : At about 24:35 my friends and I were traveling to Laguna Park on Highway 56, when we saw an odd looking aircraft hovering above at about 1000 feet. when we stopped to look at it, it started off slowly at first, then at a much faster rate. It then disapeared.

Well my friends, Topher, Sean and I (Jusin),were traveling back from Waco on highway 56 at about 12:30 when we saw a strange object hovering about 1000 feet in the air obove a field by the highway. It was (frome the positioning of the lights) a triangle shaped object. At first we thought it was a plane but then we realized it was hovering. It had about 5 white lights, and 3 red lights, and one light that seemed to revolve around the craft. we could not tell the size but I don't think it was too big. About the size of a normal air craft. We pulled over to get a better look at it. It stayed put for about three full minutes untill we got out of the car. When we got out of the car, it started to move, slowly at first, then quite rapidly, untill lightning brightened up the sky and it disapeared. I was starting to get stormy. We looked for it for another two or three minutes but couldn't see it. We sat there for a few minutes in awe and asked ourselves if we really saw anything at all, we each said yes. We went home.((Name deleted)) is 17 years old, he is joining the Army.He just graduated from Highschool at Clifton.He is a skater (skateboard) and has a girlfriend. He doesn't know if he believes in aliens or not but he would like to know what the hell that was.((Name deleted)) is 18 years old. He is in collage and is joining the Army as well.He graduated from Cliftin too and is a Preachers son.He is a small time computer programmer.He holds a steady job and is engaged to get married. Doesn't believe in aliens or UFO's.I, ((Name deleted)), am 17 years old, I am a senior in Highschool and will graduate in 98.I am a small time computer programmer too.I am single and I hold a steady job in retail. I don't really believe in aliens but This definately is an UNidentified Flying Object and I want to know what that was.

Posted 1999-01-28

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