Occurred: 1971-06-10 15:50 Local
Reported: 1997-05-16 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 5 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Spokane, WA, USA

Shape: Disk

Summary : Sighting of a large metal flying object. The object was metal, flat-bottomed, with a sloped dome in the center. An Air Force jet was in pursuit. The metal object was at a low altitude, as if it were about to land.

In 1971, when I lived in Spokane, WA, I saw a UFO. I was finished with my shift as a Registered Nurse at Deaconess Hospital, enroute to meet my fiance. We planned to see a movie at the Garland Theater on the north end of the city. It was midweek, a Wednesday or Thursday, and the date may have been 6/10/71.As I drove north up the Monroe Street hill at approximately 3:50 PM (my shift ended at 3:30 PM), I had to put down the sun visor because a bright light was hitting me in the eyes. When I reached the top of the hill, I stopped for a traffic light. It was then that I noticed that the bright light was reflecting off a metal flying object that I can only describe as a "flying saucer". The surface of the object was metal, the color of aluminum or stainless steel. The object was round, flat on the bottom, and with a sloped dome in the center. This "flying saucer" was not high in the sky, but at a low altitude, as if it were about to land. An Air Force jet of similar size was in pursuit of the UFO at the same altitude and close behind.I thought the jet might be based at nearby Fairchild Air Force Base.When the traffic light turned green, I proceeded on my way and lost sight of the UFO. I have no explanation as to what it was, only that I have never seen anything like it before or since.

Posted 1999-01-28

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