NUFORC Sighting 22245

Occurred: 2002-03-15 18:25 Local
Reported: 2002-03-16 14:12 Pacific
Duration: 4 MIN
No of observers: 2

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Shape: Fireball
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Left a trail, Aircraft nearby

Hello, I am a recent engineering graduate from USC. I live near University of Southern California (USC). I witnessed a very strange object today on the skies of Los Angeles on the west horizon. It was a very bright object, a intensely and brightly glowing object, moving at nearly at the speed of fast low flying airplane. It was moving in an zig zag pattern and left a long trail(zig zag). This object suddenly disappeared in a fraction of second as if it dissolved into skies. This event took place, I mean I saw it at 6.25 pm 15th March 2002 for nearly 30 sec,it may have been visible for more time. I am sure it was not a air plane, or a missile or weather balloon or meteor, because all of this make a straight smoke trail and this object made zigzag trail. Other thing which suggested that it was an unusual object was the way this object disappeared in a fraction of second. The trails of this object could be seen clearly till 6.55 pm, till it became too dark. This object was moving from North- north-west towards south and the trail could be seen starting from same directions. Other details: 1: Though it is difficult for me to tell you the exact altitude but I can explain you in relative terms. The point at which the object vanished from the skies (6.25PM), I could see the moon nearby rising at the same point (6.40PM).

Assuming that the object was directly above the sea shore, which is around 11miles straight from the place where I live and applying Pythagoras theorem the distance above the earth comes out to be 8.4 miles taking 35 degree angle and 6.9 miles above the earth taking the angle as 30 degree.

2: Taking West as the horizon the Angle of inclination of the object must be around 35 degrees at the point where it diminished.

3: I was just adjacent to University of Southern California from where I graduated, at the gate of my house. (Latitude = 34.020N Longitude = 118.29W approx.) I believe that the object must be above the pacific ocean or could be within the coast, but for sure not too much within the coast at the time it vanished.

4: At the time when I saw this object I was coming from the University, walking, after playing tennis there and when I saw this happen I was just infront of my house.

5: I didn't hear any kind of sound coming from the object.

6: The color of the object was like very bright halogen lamp of some 10,000 Watts seen from a distance of 20 meter (bright yellow), and in the same way it illuminated the large part of the surface surrounding it.

7: Yes there was one of my friend who witnessed the with me the things they happened.


Report of missile launch from Vandenberg AFB. PD

Posted 2002-03-19

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