Occurred: 1982-11-15 03:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2002-03-07 15:10 Pacific
Duration: aprox 5 min
No of observers: 0

Location: Marksville, LA, USA

Shape: Circle

I can Only Belive That This Was A Loading Of A UFO Into A Mother Ship.

Driving Between Alx.La. And Marksville @ 3:00 AM With A load Of Semic Material For Crew In Marksville I Saw A round Object Hovering High Over The Highway.

Thw moon Was Full And Reflected On The Ship. Sudenly Another UFO cAME iN sLOW aND Stoped A short distance Below The Space Ship. Then The smaller UFO Rose Slowley Into The Large UFO And Seem To Get Smaller Until It Vanished.

I Have Never Seen One Since That Time. There Was No visible Lights On The Ship- Only The Reflection Of The Full Moon On It.



We just received a telephone call from this witness, 38 months after he had submitted the report, and he recounted the incident, which sounds quite intriguing. He is now retired, his account sounds quite sincere, and we believe his report is quite credible. He will attempt to determine a more accurate date for the event, by contacting the owners of the business he worked for at the time of the sighting. The business is now closed down, but the owners may still reside in the Texas town, where their business was located in 1982.

The witness has volunteered that he will submit a more thorough report of what he witnessed on the date in question, in addition to some type of graphic image of what the two craft looked like. PD))

Posted 2002-03-19

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