NUFORC UFO Sighting 2187

Occurred: 1997-04-30 23:30 Local
Reported: 1997-05-06 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 15 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Westboro/Marlboro, MA, USA

Shape: Other

Summary : Two friends of mine were driving back from a class last Wednesday when they spotted a strange object over a field. At first they thought it was a light tower but then it moved.

On the night of Wednesday, April 30, 1997 two co-workers were travelling back to Marlboro from a class. They were travelling down Lyman St. in Westboro. They had passed a hospital on the left that leads into a large cornfield. Mary looked over first and noticed the strange object. It looked just like a light tower with a vertical galvinized metal pole in the center and bright strobe-type lights on either side. Mary was more curious than scared and she asked ((Name deleted)) what she thought it was. ((Deleted)) dismissed it as a light tower but ((Name2 deleted)) insisted that it moved. She slowed the car down and it was indeed moving. ((Deleted)) started to get nervous and told ((Deleted)) to keep going. It started to get closer to the car so they sped off. When they got to the next intersection they looked ahead of them and the object was now across the street infront of them. ((deleted)) was suppose to make a right to go home but decided to take a left and head towards the police station. Once inside ((Deleted)) ex!plained to the dispatcher what they had just witnessed. The dispatcher called out to a couple of cars in the area. They hadn't reported seeing anything. The police thought they had seen a cellular phone tower that had just gone up recently. Mary tried to explain that 'towers don't move.' While they were at the police station, there was a man waiting to fill out a police report. He overheard what my friends had to say and he thought it was strange. He had been working late around the Lyman St. area and when he walked out to his car it was completely engulfed in flames. He was the last one in his office and he said this happened around the same time of the sighting. Could the two events be related? An officer escorted both my friends out to where the new cellular phone tower was put up. Both((Names deleted)) confirmed that it wasn't what they had seen. The next day, ((Name deleted))drove back down Lyman St. to see if there was anything that might explain what she had seen but th!ere was nothing. ((Name deleted)) and I drove by on Friday afternoon (5/2) and she said the same thing. Since this day we have tried to find a picture or anything similiar to what they had seen. I have only seen pictures of the classic saucer so far.Both ((Names deleted)) are the most sane and reliable people I know. They are both professional business women. ((Deleted)) is a true sceptic and has become somewhat obsessed with finding an answer to this. She has asked me to do a search on U.F.O.'s and that's how I've gotten to your page. I hope someone there might have some answers.Thanks,((Name deleted))

Posted 1999-01-28

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