Occurred: 2002-01-25 19:00 Local
Reported: 2002-01-31 16:58 Pacific
Duration: Min four hours
No of observers: 3

Location: Greenwood, LA, USA

Shape: Orb
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Changed Color, Aircraft nearby

Glowing Orb Flashes and Hovers For three hours in smalltown in north Louisiana.

The object produced a bright pulsating light that was dominated by broght white what caught my eye was a bright flash. I was dusting off the floormats when I caught a flash in the corner of my right eye really bright and brief when I turned in the direction it came from I saw what I believed at first to be an airplane heading towards me. After a few minutes the lights began to flash red and blue and back to white. I wanted to get a better look so I walked to the back of the property and watched it dance for a solid twenty minutes. I had my phone in my pocket and called my friend who left his camera in my truck from the previous weekend I told him what I saw and he asked me to tape it for him to check out later. His camera was a high eight with a ffity power zoom and when I started taping I had to ask him how to turn it on and how to focus. As i was taping he was coaching I found a perch on a fence rail and sat motionless taping for fifteen minutes I suppose and decided to call my neighbors to get another opinion. They saw it too. I asked my neighbor if they would watch through the little three inch viewer to see if what I was seeing was real it was a glowing and pulsating orb of indistinguishable size was hovering in the atomsphere right on the horizen it was covered or enclosed partially in some type of banded material which fit around it similar to that of a globe it had a cylindrical snout that seemed axised to some point in the center of the sphere and the whole sphere seemed to rotate around it. Also I was sedintery with a stable position and the thing appeared to jump in and out of focus repeatedly with no notice of sound at times it would flutter back and forth and others would seem to flash away in a millisecond. I live in a small town where the night sky is highly recocnizable and anything differant is noticable, both the Leonid and Gemini showers were visible here in September, November and December. If


NUFORC: We will attempt to review the tape, or stills from the video. We believe that a celestial body is the first possibility that would have to be eliminated. PD

Posted 2002-02-22

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