Occurred: 1997-04-17 22:45 Local
Reported: 1997-04-18 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 30 seconds
No of observers: 2

Location: Bismarck/Caddo Valley (between), AR, USA

Shape: Light

Summary : Orange burst of light that sped out over the lake

My 16 year old daughter and I were going to the convenience store in Caddo Valley from our home in Bismarck.We were on Highway 7 crossing the large dyke on DeGray Lake, I saw form the corner of my eye a burst of bright orange light that was at the level of the passenger side window(the road that crosses the dyke s approximately 20 feet above water level. My daughter asked if I had seen the orange object. I told her that I had seen justa burst of orange light, and she stated that she had seen the light burst, and then saw it speed off down thelake. She said that it was definitly above the water, because she saw its entire reflection on the water. She also stated that she watched it for a very short period of time (approximately 30 seconds) and that it simply disappeared as it travelled toward the Caddo Drive area of the lake. She also said that she thought that it mighthave come up from behind us because it appeared to come from that direction, and that she had gotten a "cold chill"before she saw the object. There were no other cars on the dyke at the time, but one car was headed up Big Hill onthe Clark County side of the dyke at the time that it happened.

Posted 2002-09-28

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