NUFORC UFO Sighting 2137

Occurred: 1997-04-03 20:45 Local
Reported: 1997-04-12 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 10 seconds ?
No of observers: 2

Location: Melbourne (VIC, Australia), , Australia

Shape: Egg

Summary : At aprox. 20.45 I noticed 2 light emitting pinkish egg shaped objects n/w of my position. They were aprox 50 miles away travelling extremely fast thru a 90 degree arc in aprox 10 sec. One turned sharply right then sharply left back to its original course. The other followed seemingly to the millimetre. Finally at about s/w they turned right & disapeared into the distance. I rang the Victorian UFO Society who had received reports of UFO's in the areas we viewed 40 to 50 miles away. My son also witnessed them. Too fast & cornered too sharp to be anything we Know.

Just prior to closing shop I had been informing the boys about comet Hale Bopp which should be visible at the end of the month; this conversation natuarally induced me to look at the sky once exiting the factory. The first thing which I believe caught the corner of my eye from the N/W was the speed of the two objects then the colour. I stared at them trying to define what they were. My curiosity turned to astonishment when one object turned hard right. ( I then yelled to my son " check out the pink lights" which he sighted directly without assistance) the object then banked hard left to its original course. To further my astonishment was the second object which followed the first through its flight path seemingly to the millimeter as if they were playing follow the leader. The objects continued on their course until they were aprox s/w where they turned right and rapidly disapeared into the distance.1/ Due to comprehending(as best my mind can) distance to the nearest star 4.2 LY which may support planets I have never really believed in UFO's. Now not so sure.2/I am an amatuer astronomer & therefore familiar with the night sky; I know the differance between stars,planets,satelites,lights & reflections,planes, balloons, distance etc. These objects were definately none of the above.3/I would estimate these objects to be aprox 50 miles away.4/Today I received notification of one sighting in Werribee & 2 sightings in Melton verifying our sighting and placing the objects at the same time and flight path.5/They travelled thru an arc of about 90 degrees in about 10 secs aprox 50 miles away.Too fast for anything known to me.6/They were at aprox 40 deg altitude.7/ They cornered to sharply for anything known to me. Very direct 45deg right/45 deg left- no arc.8/Referring to a map with the information available it is possibble they did a Zig-Zag turn to avoid flying directly over Melton or another small town in that proximity.9/It was possible to see they were solid egg shaped objects emitting a pinkish glow.10/They were to far away for sound if they making any.11/Both I (age 40) & my son (age 20) believe what we saw to be controlled flight, flying solid objects without obvious propulsion outside the limitations of anything we know.

Posted 1998-03-07

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