Occurred: 1984-09-02 23:00:00 Local
Location: Nova Scotia (Canada), NS, Canada
Shape: Rectangle
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2002-01-03 20:17:02 Pacific
Posted: 2002-01-11 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object

my girlfriend and i was traveling down a dirt road looking for deer like we did just about every night.we noticed 2 lights in the north part of the sky,it was a very clear night.stars were out,the moon was just about full. when we noticed the 2 objects we thought they were helicopters because they were just setting still. when we got up closer to them we thought they were rather strange because they were not moving,so we drove up the road to the closes point i could get to see them.the 2 objects at this time were still setting motionless in the sky,so i stopped the car ,at this time we were only about half mile away.they flew right at us passing over us at about the height of a 3 storey house,i had the car shut off and there was no noise,just the two objects moving,they passed right across in front of the moon,to our disbelief we both started to panic my girlfriend screaming at me to get out of here.i got very scared shaking from what we seen ,had a hard job to get in the car in get it running because of the shakeness i was going though.anyway they just passed over us and kept on moving on though the sky,when they went over us they were so close to us i could have hit them with a rock,we know what we saw that night,they were not from this planet,we tryed to tell 2 people about it but just got laughed at,we never tryed to tell any one after.sence that we always keep a eye on the sky sence what we seen that night was pie shaped,the color looked to be light,because of the very bright lights we could not see 100 percent.there was no noise commimg from them because i was only a rock throw from them.


Source is anonymous. Date and time may be approximate. PD

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