Occurred: 1973-10-08 22:30:00 Local
Location: Atwater, CA, USA
Shape: Other
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2001-12-15 09:45:29 Pacific
Posted: 2002-01-11 00:00:00

As you can see this happened a long time ago, so my recolections of exact times and date regretable are gone.. although it was 3 days prior to the announcement of the Mississippi sightings... the guys that were taken aboard a craft supposedly. Anyway the only reason I come out with it now is because it was so very different in shape than any other reports I have heard. It was made up of Balls... in the shape of an M ....4 of these huge balls were the outside legs and the V were, each side 2 balls.... Was incredible , no sound and no lights. Could not tell how far away it was.... but seened huge. The only reason I think I even saw it is a bit of a story itself..... I was a young mom, hubby was in the Air Force and we were at the AFB.. living in base housing. He was gone, working, it was a weekend night, I was feeling sorry for myself, (was summer or spring, warm anyway) so I went outside well after the children were asleep lay back on a lounge on the patio .. just reflecting on my life... when there it was ... did not appear to move very quickly, I watched it about 10 minutes... even had time to run to neighbors to see if I could find anyone else to look.. but no .... went directly overhead... could see it clearly, although I don't know why.. Was not a moon that I remember.... and I knew it was nothing from the base. Couldn't understand why the base was not responding .. called the air police to see ifanyone else reported anything... No one had.... And was told not to worry, it was probably just my imagination. However I know what I saw. Just would like to think that someone else may at some time, have seen something similar ... but it doesn't appear so .. Sorry for typos, having some probs with my computer and cannot go back and reread this. Thanks for listening, know its sound bizzare.. at least I have told my story ..

((name deleted)) Banning CA 92220 Housewife Mom Grandma now .. no credentials .. nothing to say it credible sorry


We believe the witness alludes to the celebrated, and extensively investigated case, in which two men, Messrs. Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson, apparently were taken aboard a disc-shaped craft. That alleged event occurred on October 11, 1973, so the date of this reported event may have been October 08, 1973. We have amended the date accordingly. Please see "The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters," by Ronald D. Story, pp. 423-424, for the description of the Pascagoula event, written by UFO author, Kevin D. Randle. PD

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