Occurred: 2001-12-01 20:45 Local
Reported: 2001-12-01 19:18 Pacific
Duration: 40 seconds
No of observers: 2

Location: S. Bossier, LA, USA

Shape: Cigar
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aircraft nearby

Two low altitude, large, slow moving craft, cigar shaped, odd light configuration and sounds.

Heard tremendous roaring sound, making house vibrate, went outside on deck saw 2 large, low altitude craft, (about 2,000 ft. or less), strange lighting configuration, very brite red lights in "center of both craft, and brite white lights on front and back. Clear night, good visual...no wing lights or small tail lights at all, just lights spanning the length of both craft! No green lite or other lites that FAA requires. Outstanding features to this sighting, craft extremely noisey, rumbling and roaring, to the point, I feared a crash was about to occur! Duration of sighting....were in view for too long to be conventional jets, judging by their size and altitude. Being so low and large, it was hard for me to comprehend how they could stay airborne. May have been more then 2, but when I went outside, 2 evident.Both about size of b-52's...how their size would appear at night, but not jets like those, much to low and slow! 8:45 p.m. Dec.1,2001 Good weather, visibility.

Posted 2001-12-05

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