Occurred: 1994-05-15 18:10 Local
Reported: 1997-03-10 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 45 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Fallon, NV, USA

Shape: Light

Summary : USN trained weather observer sighted 3 "solid" colored lights, two red, one white, moving south to north silently and periodically"rocketing" forward at a tremendous burst of speed, independently and in unison.

While on active duty and attached to NAS Fallon, NV, I witnessed 3 strange lights cross the field during the spring of 94'. I don't remember the exact date but I do remember the day and time. It was a Saturday evening minutes after 18:00, the field had just closed.

I stepped outside of the "old" tower, which houses the weather office and flight filing services,to observe the twilight. It was very quiet as was typical for a Saturday evening after the field closes, no planes, no engines, no cars, you could hear a pin drop (almost). I was facing east looking at the mountains which are about 35 miles away.

The objects or lights caught my eye to the south and I turned my head to view them. I saw three "solid" coloredlights traveling abreast, moving north, at a relatively high rate of speed, they appeared to be about 2500' AGL and about 10 miles south. The two on the outside were red and the one in the middle was white (unfourtunately I am colored blind and cannot be 100% sure of the colors but two were definately dark and one was light).

The objects wers solid colored and appeared to be "lit" or illuminated rather than reflected light. I observed no strobes or marker lights of the kind you would expect to see on conventional aircraft and they were silent. I could not discern any particular shape or other features of any kind, they just appeared to be circular or oval.

About ten seconds into the sighting the red or "outside"objects seemed to jet or rocket forward at a tremendous rate of speed for 3-4 seconds then, just as abrubtly, resume their previous rate of speed. At the same instant that the red ones slowed down the white one, which had been in the center duplicated the maneuver, catching up and resuming it's previous position in the center.

This happened two more times and by this time the craft were to my north and heading out of site.

When they were abreast or directly to my east, they seemed to be about 5-7 miles away. At this particular site you can see about 75 miles to the south and about 100 miles to the north.

The three things that struck me as strange were:

1) The solid colored lighting with no detectable conventionalmarkings or lighting.

2) The strange and abrubt maneuvering.

3) The sound, there wasn't any.

At the time I was a USN trained weather observer/forecaster with 10 years of experience. I had been working at this particular location for a little over two years and was used to identifing military and commercial aircraft of all types.

I later asked a local resident, a former WWII Army Air Corp veteran who still flew privately, if he had ever seen anything unusual in this area. He said yes, but would not elaborate.

I've thought that maybe they were something from Dreamland or Area 51, which is reportedly just to the south of this location, approximately halfway to Nellis AFB.

But who knows, I may have imagined the whole thing.

Posted 1998-03-07

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