Occurred: 1997-02-06 09:41:00 Local
Location: Coober Pedy, SA (Approx. 250km south of) (Australia), SA, Australia
Shape: Light
No of observers: 2
Reported: 1997-02-12 00:00:00 Pacific
Posted: 2001-10-12 00:00:00
Characteristics: Landed

SUMMARY: A stormy night on the Stuart Highway. Sighting of a UFO which appeared to land, a UFO chasing the car some 50m behind, and the sighting of a man which was extremely unusual looking.

The first event to happen was the sighting of a 'roadwork' man sweeping the highway. Whilst driving along the highway, an extremely bright light suddenly appeared in front of us. At first we thought it was a truck coming towards us - common on the highway-but as we drove towards it we realised it was a stationary truck with a bright light attatched to the front of the grill. Upon getting closer to the light, it was that bright and blinding that we had to slow down to 10kms just to see the road and where we were going. Half the road was closed and suddenly we were able to see a man. There he was sweeping the road at 21:30(approx) 200kms from the nearest roadhouse. We slowly drove up to him to explain that we could not see the road due to the light and essentialy could not see him. We now believe that not being able to see him was what he wanted. The man hardly showed his face and what we did see - he had an extremely high forehead and very wide set eyes. He was approx. 7 fee!t tall and of stocky build. He did not want us talking to him and made every attempt to get us to move on quickly. As we drove off the light slowly disappeared - which is what got us thinking. Due to the cloud cover that night, a light of that intensity would have cast quite a bit of glare i.e. we would have seen the light from quite a distance, however the light suddenly flashed on and we were not descending or ascending a hill! My questions at the time were who was he, what was he doing that far out of town at that time of night and what was he sweeping off the road?Eventually that passed as we drove along the highway again.Approximately 30mins after this happened an extremely bright light came up from behind us - we had not passed a car since the roadwork man - to within 50m of us. It followed our car for about 4 seconds before disappearing. The lights intensity was similar to that of a cars high-beam headlights and was orange-yellow in colour. Neither of us said anything - we were starting to get spooked.As we were driving up the road we were heading into a storm. As we got closer to the storm I was checking the stars to see where the storm cloud started - it was that black that there was a definite black line where the storm cloud startes. As I was watching the stars I noticed an extremely orange star. As I continued watching it moved forward so it kept up with the car, not falling behind like the other stars were. From where we were this 'star' was about 5-6mm across. As I continued watching the light moved on a diagonal path towards the horizon and was now in front of the car. This light continued downwards until it reached a point slightly above the horizon, if not on the horizon, and that is where it stayed until the blackness of the strom blocked my view.Among these happenings we passed a military style vehicle with no insignia which was cruising up the highway rather slowly. We could not see the driver as we passed the vehicle.The storm that we drove through was extremely active for about 2 hours until we actually reached it. (there had been continuous lightning for these two hours). Yet as soon as the light was blocked out by the clouds all lightning stopped. As far as we know a storm does not just stop suddenly.As we neared Coober Pedy, a white 4WD suddenly pulled out from the side of the road and forced our car to slow down considerably. In the back window of this car two shapes could be seen moving and I can tell you with all honesty that they did not look like dogs or humans or any other animal but I did not get a very good look at them so I cannot accurately say or judge what they were.We eventually made it to Coober Pedy and were relieved to see other humans.The whole event really spooked both me and my fiance and we have vowed never to travel on the highway agein at night. (the highway runs directly from Adelaide to Alice Springs and continues to Darwin, passing through townships and roadhouses.It passes through some of the most lonely land in Australia).As we checked out of our motel the next morning we metioned these events to the receptionist who just smiled and said oh well you wouldn't be the first to talk about things like that. That was all we could get out of her,she wouldn't talk anymore.For my fiance, it is the second time that he has witnessed events of a 'supernatural' kind - he is in his late twenties. I have witnessed other happenings including metallic cigar shaped objects and other orange lights resembling stars but moving otherwise to indicate that they were not a star. I am 18.I am not providing my address as yet for security reasons - as well as I only connected to the net yesterday and haven't bothered yet to set up an e-mail address on my computer. I will watch this site for further information.I have provided this report because I know how hard it is to gain information on these matters. As well as in the interests of 'science'.I hope you make some use of this report.

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