Occurred: 1996-08-20 02:15:00 Local
Location: West Manchester, OH, USA
Shape: Disk
Duration: 5-10 min.
No of observers: 1
Reported: 1997-01-04 00:00:00 Pacific
Posted: 1998-03-07 00:00:00

SUMMARY: Teen girl saw circular UFO with orange,green,reddish-orange .A series of rectangular windows were around the middle body. One window in the center moved down.The round bottom displayed a metallic gold color. She viewed it from30ft.for 5-10 min. before it zig-zagged and shot up into the sky.

I was facing north an object appeared to be hovering over a group of power lines in my backyard near a ten foot tall shed. When I saw the UFO, I felt as if I was being watched and I watched for about 5 or 10 minutes. I felt very scared and I felt as if something drawed me outof my house. When I got outside, I saw this. (drawing will be sent later) I saw the window marked "x" move open as if something was opening it. The window seemed to move down like rolling down a car window. Teen states that at 2:15 on 8-20-1996 she was making frozen french fries and she felt drawn to go outside. She states that she never goes around back at night , but something drew her out thereand when she looked up she saw an object about 10 feet away and 10-115ft. above her." well the object was really low and I saw alot of windows and appeared as if someone or something was opening it. But anyway, I nver believed in UFOs until recently. Anyway, the object was circular and the lights on the !UFO was orange, green, and reddish-orange color, but the bottom was a goldish metallic color which was a round shape. Anyway, I watched the object for a good5 or 10 minutes and then I went inside looked out the window and the object was still there but then it zig-zagged in a pattern and it was really fast and then it was gone! Then I went to bed aat about 2:45, it started about 2:15, " as stated in writing by (name deleted) on August 20,1996. Note: I saw her the morning after she witnessed this and the first words out of her mouth were , I saw a UFO in my backyard last night. I have known her for about ten years as a neighborand I coukd tell something had happened to upset her. I sat with her and ner sister in my backyard for the day trying to calm her and asking her to write down what happened and to draw if she could the object. After a long day together she calmed down after talking about her experience. I must include that a Deputy Sheriff had been dispatc!hed to our town to look in a nearby woods after a sighting of 8 UFOsby her brother less than two weeks before. We tried to tell him what happened to her, but he didn't act interested. He just wanted to let me know he had checked out the woods at my request to the Sheriffs office and found nothing. He advised we find out who owns the woods so no one would possibly file a trespassing complaint on us for entering the woods about a week after the event became known. I checked with our County Courthouse Records and found a number of possible owners. I called each one to ask about ownership. A woman north of town told me the owner. I called the Sheriff's office back to let them know I had the owners name and then I called to get permission to reenter the woods for my husband to look around. There were some trees down in the woods, but it looked like someone had notched them out before they fell. There is an area in the woods that has a circular patch where no vegetation grows. It is barren. I had my family take pictures while in there , but when the!film was developed some prints were lost.I still have some pictures of the teen boy standing at the end of the street and pointing to the woods he saw light up red and where all the Ufo activity took place as described in a report filed to the Nat'l UFO R.C. as having happened on Aug. 7,1996, The reports being filed with the Center for Aug. ,Sept., and Oct. 1996 by me will include a map and drawing for each sighting as soon as I can redraw the original from my files. I am submitting a video for the Center to review for the events that happened on Oct.18,1996. I am trying to get that tape ready to mail this weekend 1-04-1997 and will include the written report to you as soon as possible using your very handy on-line report form.Thanks so much to all of you there for helping us here in Ohio with all the problems we are encountering here of late in our backyards and over our houses.Take Care all of you and a special thanks goes to Mr Gribble, not Gripple. Please excuse my wro!ng pronunciation of your name. You should have corrected me. Thans not only for the time and trouble to look at and have analyzed the video tapes I've been sending , but for having founded the Center in the first place. I'm only sorry to have been such a troublesome part of your life in 1996, maybe I can help in the future by filing things electronically now. Thanks again to all of you so much for your help and to Mr. Davenport, I ask you to forgive me for calling in at pesky hours of the morning. I am sorry for any trouble I have caused any of you there . All I can say is that I didn"t mean to.

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