Occurred: 1995-11-01 00:30 Local
Reported: 1996-12-27 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 5 hours

Location: Lakeport (near), CA, USA

Shape: Light

SUMMARY: Two brothers hunting 6 miles from the main road. Parked on a pullout near the top of the ridgetop. Saw red-green halo light moving across opposite ridgetop where no road existed. Traversed ridge at medium speed then stopped, shot up to higher altitude, performed some unusual aerial manuevers before parking in the sky to the SE. It was soon joined by another identical light which also became stationary. A large, flat, silent dark perfect triangular craft came down between the two lights and proceeded directly by them up the valley. It flew below the top of the ridge and was clearly visible for 30 seconds to a minute before it passed out of sight. The two lights remained where they were and were visible even after daylight.

"Dunn sighting" two. The brothers were hunting near Highland Springs and were again sitting in their truck parked in a pullout near the ridgetop facing east, looking out over the valley between them and the opposite ridge. It was approximately 1/2 to 3/4 mile across. Suddenly a light appeared to the NE over the opposite ridge. They both thought it was a vehicle at first but having hunted the ridge they knew there was no road there only brush. At brushtop height and as large as a truck the light progressed along the ridge. Viewing it with a 20power spotting scope they describe it as a redish-green pulsing light with a clear white light in the middle.they didn't know what it was but were able to follow it in the scope,(on a tripod), until it reached the end of the ridge to the SE. There it 'jumped' back and forth in the sky for a number of minutes. They were unable to keep it in the viewfinder during these 'jumps'. It then became stationary in the sky. After a while, from the SE and much further away, a second identical light appeared and flew toward the first one, joining it slightly further to the west but also stationary. The two lights never moved again. About 04:30 a large flat, dark and perfectly triangular craft came from between the two lights. At first they thought it was a plane but it came directly down the canyon they were looking out over, from SE to NW, and lower than the opposite ridge. It flew at a steady crusing speed and made no sound except for the sound of air being pushed, like a hissing breeze. There was a slight haloed gaseous effect coming from the craft that made it difficult to observe with !the scope but didn't affect the nnaked eye. A single spotting clear light shone out ahead from the middle underside of the craft. What appeared to be windows also were apparent. They both felt that if they could see it, it could see them and they felt like sitting ducks! However they were not as frightened as the first time they witnessed a sighting. The way it cruised by reminded them of tourists driving through town. They estimated it at approximately 25 yards wide. As it passed two red lights, like taillights shone out from the back of the craft. They waited for the noise but none came. They stayed at the spot until dawn, viewing the two original bright lights. These lights remained in exactly the same location and were so bright they could still be observed after daylight. They finally got tired of watching and drove home. Two interesting questions are posed by their two sightings in different wilderness locations. Either they are simply fortunate to have been !in the direct paths, away from civilization, of these vehicles and their sightings are mere coincidences, or the crafts flew by them purposely. In both cass they were entirely visible to any vehicle at a higher altitude from great distances away. Also it seems outlandishly coincidental that they just happened on the particular routes of these crafts, when miles of alternative wilderness areas exist. It may also indicate a similar flight pattern of wilderness routing though it seems odd that if this routing exists to decrease sightings, no attempt was made to hide themselves from these two entirely visible observers. The Dunn's are totally reputable men, from midland farm families, as down to earth as you can get! They never even considered the possibility of what they witnessed until it was before them. they still exhibit some fear as to the identity and purpose of the crafts and have not discussed or reported the events publicly. But they are now watching continually. D!unn sighting one contains the report of their first sighting as well as their most recent land -based phenomena sighting. They are taking me to the sights soon. I'm looking forward to it! wolf

Posted 1998-03-07

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