Occurred: 1994-11-01 22:30:00 Local
Location: Lower Lake (Near), CA, USA
Shape: Disk
Duration: 10 minutes
Reported: 1996-12-26 00:00:00 Pacific
Posted: 1998-03-07 00:00:00
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

SUMMARY: "The Dunn sightings" Two hunters parked at the end of a fire trail near the highest point in the area observed a bright white light in the distance. Suddenly the light shot up to high altitude instantaneously, then came directly at them. Passed at a slight tangent to them but was clearly visible. A perfect saucer shape, with bubble center surrounded by a white gas that gave it a haloed effect. 400-500 ft up, 1/4 mile distant.Filled a 3X9 scope. the entire event lasted from 10-15 minutes.

These two brothers have hunted the entire area and are familiar with it all.Sitting in their truck above the McLaughlin Gold Mine, where one was employed, they could observe the entire skyline for many miles from the ridgetop.The glow from the lights at the mine was visible below them. In the distance they both noticed a bright white light.They both thought it was the light from a helicopter coming to the mine as happened occasionally.They watched it for approximately ten minutes when suddenly it literally 'jumped' up to a much higher altitude and then proceeded to come directly at them.This was their first sighting and they both describe the event as extremely frightening!They thought the object was coming for at them specifically and they were in a panic.It came at them and veered to a slight tangent from a northwesterly direction.As it got closer they could clearly see the object as it passed within 1/4 mile at an altitude of 400-500 feet.It was a perfect saucer shape with a bubble in the middle and what appeared to be windows in the bubble.The light turned out to be a white gaseous appearing cloud that surrounded the entire craft but did not obscure it in any way.It filled the entire viewfield of a 3X9 variable scope. The gas formed a halo appearance and no other lights were visible.But it was bright enough from a long distance to be clearly visible beyond the mine lights glow.It flew to the south west passing over Mt St Helena and then turned directly west toward the ocean.Note: Almost a year later these two men witnessed another sighting of a completely different craft at another location in Lake County.This sighting lasted almost 5 hours.Additionally only a few months ago,(fall 96), they witnessed a strange phenomena on the ground near the location of the first sighting.Described as a 'puddle of soft black metallic shavings, maggot-like but not easily described- moving as if a magnet were being passed over themand seeming to grow before their eyes as if feeding on the landscape.They report it looked like something out of a science fiction movie!It was late morning. One of the brothers walked right up to it. It was a drizzly day.The object appeared at first to be shiny black water. As the younger brother,(30's) approached it, the older one had a bad feeling.He told his brother not to get near it and as it seemed to be growing they ran to their truck and left.Another trip to the area will be made soon.Since this materials was in an open area near a ridgetop, we hypothesize it to be some sort of spill,byproduct or waste material from an unknown vehicle or craft. Perhaps fuel related.They kept these sightings to themselves out of concern fror what others might think until I told them about this internet site and they agreed to be interviewed.I will further describe the next sighting in another report and this and the ohter will be labeled the "Dunn" Sightings.

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