Occurred: 1978-05-10 20:30 Local
Reported: 2001-07-08 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 25 minutes
No of observers: 0

Location: San Diego, CA, USA

Shape: Changing
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

UFO hovering behind our backyard, the night of May 10,1978

Sorry it's taken so long to to tell what I've witnessed in the past. I'll never forget that night, for it was like it happened yesterday. It was Wednesday night, 8:30pm, and this new show I had been anticipating to watch was starting to begin...I remember, seeing the credits listed at the start of the show, then all of the sudden my sister screamed my name, and it was in such a way that I thought something had happened to her. I ran upstairs, to find her looking out of our bedroom window, ran over to the window myself, to discover a saucer-shaped object approximately 45-50 feet hovering behind our backyard, outside our fence toward the canyon. The saucer was dark, but it's outline was really defined, and the bottom of the it was silver like in color with rotating flashing lights. Anyway, the object began to give us a show. It continued to hover over the outskirts of our yard, and it's lights began to change, first blue to red, red to white, then white to orange, and it continued doing this. Then all of the sudden, the object disappered, then reappeared, but this time in another form. The object looked like the letter "T" lying on it's side. Actually it's reminded me somewhat of a the little twisty key like object on a container of corned beef or spam, the kind attached to the container, used to open it; I hope this makes sense. In any case, this "T" shaped object was dark, but very defined as well, and then it disappered, and the saucer-shaped object reappeared. The saucer continued to rotate it's lights a little while longer, going from red to blue, white to orange, and then it started to move, swaying side to side, going west. The craft contined going west, swaying side to side, until my sister and I could no longer see it, and then it was gone. Realizing it had been there for a while, I looked at the clock after it left, and it was 8:55pm. How we ended up seeing the object in the first place, is that my sister saw this blue flash of light coming over the hill, east of our house (which is behind my parents' home). My sister mentioned two years ago--the first time we've discussed this matter in years, that when she first saw it coming over the hill, she immediately ran to lock the front door, then called me upstairs, which explains the fear in her voice when she yelled my name. To this day, I've always wondered how we ended up with this object hovering behind our backyard, but I will certainly carry this memory around with me the rest of my life.

Posted 2001-08-05

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