NUFORC Sighting 181169

Occurred: 2024-04-12 21:56 Local
Reported: 2024-04-15 13:20 Pacific
Duration: 35 Seconds*
No of observers: 3 - Military

Location: Navarre, FL, USA

Shape: Triangle
Color: Black, camouflaged
Estimated Size: Slightly larger than commercial airbus in length
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: South South East
Angle of Elevation: 68
Closest Distance: 8,000 ft
Estimated Speed: Slow but somehow it moved out of sight quickly
Characteristics: Lights on object

Triangle object, 16 visible lights, craft left line of sight without flying over horizon, instead appearing to leave orbit

Flight Direction: From Air Force Special Operations Command Hurlburt Field heading westbound until leaving orbit.

Object Details:
The object observed during the sighting appeared to be triangle-shaped and seamlessly blended into the night sky. It was distinguished by approximately 16 lights closely resembling starlight, making the object inconspicuous to casual observation. Notably, the object exceeded the size of a commercial Airbus.

Details of Locomotion:
The object exhibited slow, consistent movement, unlike any conventional aircraft. Despite its seemingly leisurely pace, the object traversed a substantial distance towards the conclusion of the sighting, appearing to diminish in size to a single point of light. Notably, the speed at which it moved suggested capabilities beyond those of traditional aircraft. Remarkably, the object emitted no discernible sound throughout the duration of the sighting and appeared to maintain an altitude of approximately 8,000 feet.

Additionally Hurlbut Field Security Forces was also notified of this event for public safety and the safety of our military complex.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


We conducted a follow up interview with the primary witness. One additional detail is that the craft was stationary when first noticed. The witness emphasized that the nature of its movement, which was observed for 35 seconds, was unlike anyting a conventional aircraft could accomplish. Although it seemed to move slowly it also covered an incredible amount of distance in a very short time, which was hard to understand.

In the image supplied, the point of the triangle towards the bottom right was pointing in the direction of travel, and was judged to be the front of the craft.

A second air force active duty officer also saw the event and will hopefully file a report soon.

There are interesting similarities with a previous report from June 2022, also from Navarre:

Posted 2024-04-27

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