NUFORC Sighting 180662

Occurred: 1976-08-14 02:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2024-03-02 04:30 Pacific
Duration: 15 minutes
No of observers: 5

Location: San Jose, CA, USA
Location details: Summit of Quimby Rd 2Mi west of Mt Hamilton Rd

Shape: Light
Color: Bright Red
Estimated Size: when stationary 30ft guess
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: south and east looking down from 2500ft
Angle of Elevation: 5
Closest Distance: 1 mile
Estimated Speed: visible when lifting 4 seconds
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object

Bright red object on/near ground viewed from hillside summit 2500ft above the object

This was a sighting by me, from the back of a fire engine returning from a vehicle/rescue/fire on Quimby Rd .5 mi west of Mt Hamilton Rd San Jose.It was about 230am and I was a volunteer firefighter(Vol-FF) for the County.In the 1970s tailboard riding was still allowed. As a Vol-FF we could respond from the station on tailboard, or in our own vehicles.The date is approximate but our station had 3 engines, 1st call rig was a late 1960s International Van Pelt quick attack 4WD full size engine with 400gal water,Squad 12. Engineer and Captain up front (FFs) , Vol-FF on the back,the County had 2 firefighters per rig, so they used Vol-FFs as a back up force of about 25 on the record. At our station we had 6-7 regular Vol FFs that did station time often, we were allowed to sleep over night and ride to alarms, but one had to be quick, up and on the tailboard in 35 seconds from the alarm, or miss the ride. We got $10.00 per call.This was a Saturday night and we covered eastern County areas, San Jose City Fire dept covered their area, and we had another Station 5 miles south near Quimby Rd..2 FFs there, 1 Engine.I had fallen asleep in the TV room about 11pm. other career FFs had gone to the dorm to sleep....the station alarm was right above the couch. About 11:15pm the alarm went off, I jumped up, I was still fully dressed and boots on luckily, and they dispatched 2 Stations, Us and Evergreen. Squad 12 and Engine 5 respond to a vehicle accident over the side of the road, and fire in the brush. Dispatch also advised the CDF Engine (now Calfire) was responding from Smith Creek Station near Lick Observatory..We had at least a 10-15 mile run, Engine 5 would climb up hill on Quimby Rd very steep road, to the scene, we used Mt Hamilton Rd SR 130 quite the distance Code 3 all the way twisty curvy mountain Rd. We arrive on scene and Engine 5 actually beat is there!. A DUI driver went off the cliff in a near vertical drop, slammed up against a tree about 100ft down, and started a small brush fire burning up hill away from the crash.We rescued the driver extremely difficult angle/ropes/pulleys/ even the CHP Officers and Ambu drivers were down in the gully with us,,we get the lady up to the top, very tough rescue and the Ambulance crew whisked her to the Hospital.We helped mop up the fire, Smith Creek actually sent 2 rigs (4 FF each) and did most of the fire work, good stop and overhaul..less than 1 acre. They released us as they had it under control. Engine 5 topped us off with water, as they had 1500 gals. then left back down Quimby Rd ahead of us. I thought we'd go back Mt Hamilton Rd SR 130 to our station but since the rig was pointed west on Quimby Rd on scene, the Driver just continued up to the summit of Quimby Rd,it didn't really matter we'd still get back to the area, and then as we crested the summit of Quimby Rd.,it gets real steep and hairpin turns on the way down,,,at least from 2500ft summit to the valley floor. The view is awesome, one can see all the way to San Francisco, the bay, all the way back to southeast San Jose, the lights are amazing! The driver puts the Squad in low gear as we are full of water, and with air brakes ya better be careful on a steep downhill run,,,we were very slow through the hairpins,,then the road is still curvy but not as steep, the view is just great. The next turn where I can see the southeast area of San Jose which used to be full of orchards in this area mid 1970s,,,,,I can see a huge red glow from the back of the rig, appeared to be in an orchard area, the glow appeared to be on the ground as I could see everything on the ground around it perfectly. The rig slows and I can see the Captain on the radio. We did not have 2 way communications in the 1970s for me on the back. The County could not afford that.The driver rolled a few for turns and we stopped.....the red glow was obvious. The captain gets out on the step and yells to me " be ready we may have another fire..Eng 5 is going to check." pointing in the direction of the red glow! I was thinking "it doesn't even look like a fire...?" it was too red and there was no smoke. Anyways we continue down but cant go fast because we are loaded with water and have to be careful not to overheat the air brakes as still fairly steep, and after a mile the Captain activated the reds and the road is a bit better to increase speed but not that we are still up hill a ways, I could actually see Engine 5 with reds on headed towards the area of the red glow.....down below but had a ways to get there.....we rounded a few more curves where we could not see the red glow, and when we were back out where the view was...the red glow was gone.......nothing! A split second later, in view of the city lights in the background, a huge shimmering mirage like "something.." square in view, went over the top of us as we were still headed downhill. It was very wide and blurred the city lights in the valley below and instantly moved up above where I could see the few stars I could see above, were blurred out in the mirage effect and gone! What in the heck was that I thought? As we approached the valley floor but still winding out of the curves, and housing tracts off Quimby Rd., the Captain was on the radio and he turned off the reds. Engine 5 station was up ahead and we pulled up out front and stopped. The Captain and driver get out, I unstrapped the safety belt and jumped down, and walked over to the Captain's and other FFs.....they started comparing notes, Dispatch had no reports of fires, Engine 5 could not see anything once they got to the general area of the red glow, and the 2 Captains were discussing they were wondering why Engine 5 crew could not see the glow? No calls to dispatch from area residents in the orchard when I had an opening, I said to my Captain "didn't you guys see the huge mirage type thing go up over the top of us...?' Eng 5 Captain says " what are you talking about?"..So I recapped that when we were closer to the bottom and where we could not see the red glow for a bit, and when we came around the hillside and the red glow as gone? My Captain agreed..... I continued there was a huge blurry shimmering square something that went right up over us when we couldn't see the red glow anymore,,,it blurred the valley lights and all...even the stars as it went high I told them..." Eng 5 Captain says you're kidding??"....I said no.....My Captain says why didn't I hit the button ??( The button was on the tailboard and to be used by the tailboard rider for emergencies only"....and I told him that.. I didn't think it was an emergency! So he OK'd that...The Captains chatted a bit and said " we'll be right back" they headed into the the FFs and I chatted about this red glow event out front, the FF from Engine 5 said they knew the general direction as they were lower down the hill than Squad 12 was, but didn't know the exact location. He stated they called Dispatch on any reports of a fire in the area..there was none. When Engine 5 was headed in the general direction of the red glow, they could not actually see ....... any red glow at all..! Now it is 4am-5am and we headed back to our station and we back in, clean the rig, and I was tired so we as Vol-FFs can leave anytime we wanted, I was going to go home and get some rest. I told the Captain I was leaving the station, and he asked me if I could hang around that Battalion 2 Chief was on his way and wanted to talk to me about the red glow. I said ok,,I sat on the TV room couch and fell asleep. Next thing I knew 4 mins later the Chief was there...The Captain and the Chief discussed with me to not report what I saw to any media as the Department didn't want any News medias, or investigators bugging FFs at the fire stations for weeks on end.... to not report on the possible UFO sighting..." we had last night/early morning" they said....they both stopped talking and looked right at me.............dead silence, both of them staring right at me............I agreed and man were they happy! Unfortunately, most if not all of the FFs I worked with in the 1970s that saw this event, are all passed away. I was in my young 20s trying to get on full time firefighter but changed careers. Good thing I did as I am still working the same Company almost 45yrs,,,retirement soon, Dec 2024....and a large Company. The stories I have been told by co-workers as many found out I was interested in UFOs and wasn't afraid to stand-up and back my words up,,,,you wont believe the stories I've been told, 99% are all ex US Military and 3 swore me to secrecy, they advised me they'd go to jail or worse if what hey told me got out…but they were glad to tell someone…..! One is OGA related ( recently revealed as active in the US Govt) though it was told to me in complete detail about that event 50+yrs ago…but I cannot reveal as this person is still alive. After they pass, I can reveal. We are not alone…….something is here and very different.

Posted 2024-03-13

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